Miley Cyrus will make her announcement tomorrow at 12pm ET

Miley Cyrus will make her announcement tomorrow at 12pm ET

Less than two weeks remain until the release of Miley Cyrus, the Grammy-winning singer’s eagerly awaited album, “Endless Summer.” Still, in the meanwhile, the singer has given fans something to look forward to.

The 30-year-old singer announced a surprise “Endless Summer” announcement on her social media sites for Monday, February 26, at noon (12 p.m.) ET.

In the picture, Miley Cyrus is lying in a vivid red bikini and gazing off-camera in the one posted to the singer’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. The identical suit was on her for several other album promotional photographs assigned to her social media pages.

In a brand-new image Cyrus posted to social media on Sunday, she showed off her abs and made a revelation.

Cyrus lay on the floor of her hotel room after posting a picture of herself earlier in the week wearing the same bikini.

Miley Cyrus
Source: Twitter

Her plump lips got painted brilliant pink, and her platinum blonde hair formed a pool behind her head.

What precisely the Wrecking Ball singer plans to reveal on Monday morning is unknown.

The celebrity shared a lovely bikini photo earlier in the week to mark the most recent triumph of her famous song Flowers Tuesday.

After releasing the breakup song on January 13, Miley topped the charts worldwide. In the photo, she wore a little red bikini with a strapless top and a buckles band bottom that shows off her toned and firm stomach and legs.

She raised her arm to put her hand on her head as she stood before a wood-paneled wall, her shoulder-length blonde hair done in loose waves.

Congrats messages poured in from her followers all around the world.

Many others were eager to hear the hit performed live, adding, “We’re hoping for a world tour soon.”

A forthcoming announcement from Miley Cyrus

It is unknown when she will tour, but it will happen after the release of Endless Summer Vacation, her upcoming studio album, which is anticipated in the coming weeks.

When the  Grammy-winning singer flaunted her summer figure to advertise the forthcoming album on Instagram on Monday, she sported the same swimsuit.

Miley was crouching on the floor with her arms outstretched towards the wall to show off her toned abs.

She cocked her head towards the wooden wall, her wavy blonde hair falling to the ground.

The singer’s most recent post promises a special revelation about her next album. The pop artist provided little information, announcing the announcement’s time and the official album’s already-known release date.


The caption made fans speculate about the specific new information the artist will unveil tomorrow.

One widely held belief is that the pop diva will eventually reveal the track listing for the album alongside its second single.

Hints to “Endless Summer”

The singer appears to be dropping hints about her new album throughout her Instagram pictures. Many fans have compared her Instagram posts to likely lyrics from the next album.

I’m driving around town in a beat-up old Mercedes; you think I’m crazy.” “You might be right.” the singer captioned a selfie of herself in the red bikini she posted online less than a week earlier.

In addition, Cyrus used the hashtags “# March 10” and “#EndlessSummerVacation,” which led fans to believe the enigmatic caption contained album lyrics.

The lyrics to the singer’s previously released single “Flowers” are included in the subtitles of several other entries.

Miley Cyrus set new records with her newest track ‘Flower’

Since its December debut, “Flowers” has dominated the charts and streaming sites. The next album’s top track has held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for five weeks.

Several streaming records have also got broken by “Flowers.” It achieved the record for the most streams in a week on Spotify in both the first and second weeks following the song’s release. The song is. Currently, the fourth-most streamed track on the app in a single day.

Since “Flowers” continues to be the most popular song on the Billboard chart, its popularity will likely increase.

The singer’s most recent song received over 96 million streams on the service alone between January 13 and January 19.

The song, released on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, January 13, is about Miley’s post-divorce life.

After Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero spent eight weeks at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart, Flowers surged to the top in its first week.

In its first week, the music by the former Disney star got impressively sold 70,000 times, and sales are still rising.

In September 2013, with the release of “Wrecking Ball,” Miley became the first artist in nine years to have a No. 1 on Billboards’ Hot 100.

In January, the diva debuted her new track, Flowers’ exceptionally provocative music video.

The pop song’s lyrics reference her broken romance with the actor, including a double entendre about Miley witnessing the destruction of her marriage and the formerly shared Malibu mansion.

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