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Jujutsu Kaisen Top 7 Characters – Learn Their Ages, Zodiac Signs, and More!

Japanese supernatural fiction manga Jujutsu Kaisen combines elements of adventure and dark fantasy to create a unique story. Among the younger generation, this manga has become a huge hit. Gege Akutami is the author and illustrator of Jujutsu Kaisen. Shueisha published it on July 4th, 2018.

The narrative was so compelling that it quickly won over fans. The Jujutsu Kaisen anime will premiere on MBS and TBS on October 3rd, 2020. This manga was nominated for several prizes, including Best Girl, Best Fight Scene, Best Character Design, and Best Action, among others.

The Anime of the Year award was given to this manga in 2021. The manga now has a total of 18 volumes. In some sources, the manga’s last chapter is expected to be released in 2023. Read this article if you’d want more information on this topic.

The Story of Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

The protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen is Yuji Itadori. Powerful man who has spiritual beliefs. Yuji adored his grandfather, who unfortunately fell ill and passed very long after Yuji was born. His final piece of advise to Yuji was to do good deeds for others. The artefact that Yuji and his comrades possess is extremely deadly.

The relic was a bad person’s finger. He was able to learn a great deal. Eaters will be possessed if they consume that finger. He was suddenly assailed by a vengeful spirit. It seemed as if he was about to become his own worst nightmare. Rather than throw it away, he ate it.

Yuji’s body was taken over by an evil spirit, but his sensei stepped in to save the day. Only the vessel could sever the fingers, which were impenetrable. So Yuji had to take care of the task of gathering the fingers and murdering them.

According to his teacher, it is practically impossible to hold all of this power in one body. Sukuna, the most ferocious bad spirit, was the source of the curse, he told him. As the manga progresses, further mysteries are revealed. Read the manga if you want to learn more about them.

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Yuji Itadori, one of the top seven Jujutsu Kaisen personalities

Born on March 20, 1999, Yuji is now 17 years old. He is 5’8″ and a Pisces. He was raised by his granddad. Yuji opted to enter the occult despite his excellent physical appearance. In the hospital, his grandfather passed away. Megumi stepped in before he realised that his grandfather was missing.

Yuji was given a crucial shaping by Megumi. Both Yuji and his companion are in possession of a very cursed finger. It’s Sukuna’s finger. A person’s strength will rise if they eat the finger. A large, cursed ghost assaulted them in the midst of their talk. After all, Yuji resolved to save his comrades by eating the finger.

It doesn’t matter if Yuji overcomes him or not, he takes over Yuji’s body and organises a slaughter. Fortunately, Yuji quickly comes to this conclusion. In a message from Yuji’s sensei Gojo, the latter informs the former that they want to have Yuji executed. Sukuna, the most malevolent ghost, must not be released.

Unless he can locate the other fingers of Sukuna and ingest them, he will be killed instantly, regardless of whether or not he can find them. Yuji resolves to eat all the fingers after realising the positive impact his effort would have on the world. That’s how Yuji Itadori’s story begins.

Yuji Itadori

Satoru Gojo

Satoru is the sixth person. Gojo Gojo was born on December 7th, 1994. As of this writing, he is 28 years of age. A Sagittarius, he stands at a height of 190cm. In the manga Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo is the main character. Tokyo Jujutsu High has him as a faculty. He is the heir of the Gojo dynasty, one of the most renowned in Japan.

Because of his six eyes and the Gojo family’s curse, he was born with all of life’s problems. He saw himself as the most powerful guy in the world. He may use his abilities to save lives. Toji Fushiguro was Megumi Fushiguro’s father. To put an end to the summons, Toji used to murder them.

Toji was requested to kill a certain summon by a large group. Gojo was on guard for that summons. Suddenly, Toji perfected the Reverse AI method and saved Gojo’s life. Toji was defeated by Gojo’s Reversal Raid method.

After this, Gojo resolved to recognise his boundless potential and become the strongest sorcerer. Those closest to him and his students are the ones he cares most about. Gojo even threatened the superior after Yuji died. Anyone who tried to get near to him was quickly sent away.

He is well aware that their captors may take them captive. Gojo was greatly upset by Suguru Geto’s decision to join the rival team. Gojo’s concern for his students was heightened by the occurrence of Geto.

Jujutsu Kaisen Satoru Gojo

Suguru Geto is number five.

On the 3rd of February 1995, Suguru Geto was born. He is a 190cm tall Gemini, according to his horoscope. Geto’s childhood appears to be a mystery. He and Gojo both attended Jujutsu Technical College. There was a check-up on Maymay and Udahime by Ghetto and Gojo.

In the span of two days, they didn’t answer any of my questions. Maymay and Udahime were shocked to see that their home had been demolished. Gojo and Geto agreed that the most important obligation is to look out for the weakest among us. As a result, they were tasked with the important task of safeguarding the star plasma vessel.

Gojo outshines Geto in this one, putting forth a strong performance. Then Geto faded away into the shadows. he thought to himself, “It’s been a busy summer, but there must have been an influence of the frequent tragedies that we had last year. Cursed spirits were creeping all over the place like a plague of cockroaches. After exorcising the demon and ingesting again and again, I finally succumbed.”

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Yuhaya Bada is Geto’s first encounter with the abyss. Geto’s next task was to evict the demon responsible for the weird deaths and disappearances that had been plaguing the city. Instead of killing the two girls in the shadows, he decimated the entire hamlet. From this point on, he was a part of the darkness.

Suguru Geto

Learn More About Your Favorite:

Kugisaki Nobara is the fourth

Nobara Kugisaki was born on August 7th, 1999 in Tokyo, Japan, and is a Japanese actress. Her horoscope sign is Leo, and she stands at a height of 160cm. The manga Jujutsu Kaisen has her as the protagonist. She doesn’t have a lot of sway on the outcome of the game. Nobara has the aura of a person who wants to experience life to the fullest extent possible.

Nobara’s hair is always dyed an orange shade. This shows one’s zeal and passion for one’s own identity. At the same time, she was both challenging and gorgeous. Nobara grew up in the countryside, where he was raised by his grandmother and grandfather. Her tomboyish demeanour set her apart from the others.

Due to the lack of parental guidance, Nobara became the way she was. Her granny was her sole defender. Due to her grandmother’s opposition, Nobara arrived in Tokyo a year late. Defeating Nobara’s adversaries is as simple as picking up a hammer and some nails.

Resonance is the foundation of her style. This tactic can be employed both offensively and defensively. Using a needle and thread, she can pierce through the doll and into the spirit she is looking for. From the inside, the spirit chest would literally burst open.

Using this method, she can temporarily disable curse tools. Her hairpin method is one of several. Her nails are infused with curse energy, which she then launches. A curse energy blast is unleashed with the flick of her finger. It has the potential to do a lot of harm. She made a conscious decision to forge her own path.

Kugisaki Nobara

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Sukuna

It is Sukuna, the manga’s main antagonist, who is the main reason for the manga’s existence. At 173cm tall, he’s at least 1000 years old. Sukuna was considered a demon by the ancients. However, he was a human person with a double chin, four fingers, and four toes on each foot. He was superhumanly strong.

He was reputed to be a renowned sorcerer, according to folklore. Sukuna’s downfall was made possible by the cooperation of several famous sorcerers. He was set on fire. They were shocked, though, when his fingers didn’t get hot. In several locations, Sukuna’s fingers were placed in a holy casket.

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Yuji, on the other hand, began consuming all the fingers in an effort to eliminate them all. Sukuna reincarnates after his scheme goes awry. To utilise Yuji’s body, Yuji and Sukuna come to a mutual agreement. Sukuna’s sphere of influence grows at a steady pace.

Sukuna is referred to be the “King of Curses” in this comic. We’re hoping to discover more about Sukuna in the next chapters.


Toge Inumaki, for example,

On the 23rd of October, 1999, Toge Inkuma was born. 164cm is his height and Taurus is his zodiac sign. Toge is a member of the Inumaki family. They were known for their use of foul language. Tokyo Jujutsu High’s highest-ranking student is he. Toge was given the freedom to operate on his own.

He has the ability to curse others with the words he speaks. Anyone who heard Toge’s voice was compelled to follow his orders. Because of this, he prefers to communicate in Onigiri Ingredients rather than curses. This tactic may be utilised on the offensive as well as the defensive side.

Excessive use of this cursed power can cause blood to be coughed up as well as throat irritation and an inability to communicate. Phones, tablets, and other technological gadgets are not immune to his wrath. Toga must concentrate all of his efforts on a single objective. This manga features him as a central character.

Toge Inumaki

Jujutsu Kaisen – Yuta Okkotsu is a good example of this.

On March 7th, Yuta Okkotsu was born. Scorpio is his sun sign. He stands at a height of 5’9″. Yuta was a typical member of society. However, following Rika’s death, Yuta was possessed by her.

When it comes to powerful cursed spirits, only Rika can match theirs. Yuta was unable to unleash Rika’s full potential at first. However, Gojo happened to see Yuta and urged that he join Jujutsu high.

In order to better manage Rika, Yuta enters Jujutsu high. He and Gojo rose to the position of being the most powerful sorcerers.

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After that, he heads overseas for more instruction. When he learned that Sukuna had re-emerged in Itadori’s body, he flew out to Japan to kill him.

Jujutsu Kaisen Yuta Okkotsu


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