No Hard Feelings trailer shows Jennifer Lawrence engaged in seducing a 19-year-old guy

The “No Hard Feelings” trailer shows Jennifer Lawrence engaged in seducing a 19-year-old guy

Sony has released a new trailer for the erotic comedy “No Hard Feelings.” Jennifer Lawrence plays a lady who responds to the Craigslist ad given by two helicopter parents to have sexual intimacy with their sheltered son,19, before he leaves for college.

The No Hard Feelings movie starring Jennifer Lawrence will hit theatres on June 23, 2023. Lawrence not only performs but also produces cutting-edge humor.

The remainder of the trailer then shows Maddie attempting to seduce Percy, a young man who seems impossible to attract (Andrew Barth Feldman).

What’s the storyline of the Jennifer Lawrence film No Hard Feelings?

Lawrence will portray Maddie in the movie, who is so eager to maintain the childhood home that she accepts a relationship with a quiet young guy.

After finding a particular job posting, Maddie learns that two wealthy helicopter parents ( Matthew Broderick and Laura Benanti) are looking for someone to date their 19-year-old withdrawn son Percy (Andrew Feldman) before he heads off to college.

Maddie will be able to save her childhood home following her mother’s passing in exchange for getting to keep her automobile and continue working for Uber. Maddie will undoubtedly be surprised when she learns more about Percy’s nature.

Jennifer Lawrence starring film No Hard Feelings
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“He doesn’t talk to girls, does not come out of his room, he doesn’t drink,”  Matthew Broderick, the boy’s father, explained.

Maddie then clarifies that when his parents refer to a date as a “date,” they mean a sexual encounter.

In the teaser, Maddie initially has trouble connecting with Percy because he interprets her attempts to get to know him as a kidnapping attempt.

The funny incident in which an inebriated Percy accidentally punches Maddie in the neck as she is arguing with an older man is also shown in the trailer. Slowly but gradually, Maddie gives Percy the confidence he needs while also giving him parenting guidance.

The remainder of the trailer shows Maddie attempting to seduce Percy (Andrew), a seemingly impossible young man.

Gene Stupnitsky is the film’s director, working from a script he co-wrote with John Phillips.

The cast also features Hasan Minhaj, Scott MacArthur,  Kyle Mooney,  Natalie Morales, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Laura Benanti as Percy’s mother.

Before that, Stupnitsky co-wrote the 2011 comedy “Bad Teacher,” which starred Jacob Tremblay, and the 2019 comedy “Good Boys,” which are equally bawdy coming-of-age movies starring Jacob Tremblay.

Last Year,  “Causeway,” the thriller on Apple TV+, and  “Don’t Look Up,” the 2021’s edge comedy on Netflix, marked Lawrence’s most recent comeback.

On June 23, “No Hard Feelings” debuts in theatres.

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