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Top 10 Most Expensive Sneakers: There are several reasons why people adore sneakers. Additionally, they’re pretty comfy. Some people, but not all, can get away with wearing sneakers instead of more formal shoes. Further, they are sought by collectors since they are a source of pride and a statement of social status. As with any other collectible object, specific pairs of shoes are more valuable than others.

You’ll Find All You Need For Your Shoe-Loving Self In The Following List:

10. DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 3 ‘Grateful’ Sneakers



If you’re a fan of DJ Khaled or hate him, his Air Jordan 3 Grateful sneakers are an absolute must-have. You’ll need a lot of cash to get your hands on a pair, but you already knew that after reading this.It took just a few months after their first debut for the stunning red shoes to reach retail prices of $16,000 to $25,000.

9. The Eminem And Carhartt Air Jordan 4 Costs $30,000 To Purchase.

Carhartt-Air- Jordan-4-High-end-sneakers-twoleftsticks(2)

The Eminem x Carhartt Air Jordan 4 is now the most expensive shoe in the world. Eminem, like other musicians, is a big admirer of shoes. When Carhartt approached him to work on a new project, he knew how serious things would go because of his past experiences with the company. Only ten pairs of shoes were created for the project by eBay, one of the first online retailers to offer shoes for sale.The whole earnings were given to the School of Music at Michigan State University. The sneakerheads spent over $227,000 on the ten different pairs of sneakers.

8. It Costs $31,000 For The Original Air Jordan 2

The Original Air Jordan 2-high-end-sneakers-twoleftsticks(9)

As well as being a sought-after item in the realm of sneaker culture, the Air Jordan 2 OG is a sought-after model. This model is undoubtedly one of the most costly Air Jordans ever nmade. Despite their lack of aesthetic attractiveness, you may wear them with many different outfits and still appear fresh throughout the day. For just $31,000, you can get them all.

7. The Air Jordan 11 ‘Jeter’ For $700,000.

The Air Jordan 12 OVO-High-end-sneakers-twoleftsticks(6)

Five pairs of blue velvet Air Jordan 11s were auctioned off at Yankee Stadium in 2017 to honor Derek Jetter’s retirement. “2” is printed in white and contrasts wonderfully with navy leather surrounding it on the heel of these shoes.Consignment retailers in the United States currently only have three pairs left, and if the owner decided to sell them, they’d command a high price.

6. Diamond-Encrusted Air Force for $50,000.


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A pair of diamond-encrusted Nike Air Force 1s is one of the most expensive sneakers in the world.Big Boi’s Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1s are a must-have if you’re a fan of the luxurious and adore diamonds. Shoes like this aren’t worn by any of the world’s most famous ballers, nor are they the most expensive. As a result, they cost $50,000 since they’re encrusted with champagne diamonds.Big Boi has decided to sell these sneakers to generate money for his organization after deciding that wearing them would draw the wrong kind of attention.

5.” Drake Edition” Of The Air Jordan 12 OVO Costs $100,000.

The-Air-Jordan -12 OVO-High-end-sneakers-twoleftsticks(7)


In terms of price, you can’t beat the Air Jordan 12 OVO at over $1,300.It’s a Drake Edition! The Drake Air Jordan 12 OVO, which sold out on eBay for $100,000, became an instant hit among sneakerheads. It is only possible to purchase the Drake edition OVOs, which many well-known athletes and rappers wear, that are only available to wealthy and well recognized people. Air Jordan’s most costly model is this $100,000 shoe, making it one of the company’s most expensive products.

4. The Air Jordan 12 Is Nike’s Most Costly Sneaker. (flu game)


A tight fourth place goes to the Air Jordan 12 Flu Games. The fact that Michael Jordan wore these Nike Jordans during his infamous”Flu Game” makes them, without a doubt, the most valuable in the world. However, the exorbitant price of the shoes is mainly owing to their status as the most expensive Jordans ever created. At $104,000, these are some of the most expensive sneakers sold.

3. The $132,000.00 Buscemi 100 MM Diamond.

Buscemi 100 MM Diamond-high-end-sneakers-twoleftsticks(10)

The Buscemi 100 MM Diamond is the most expensive shoe ever made. According to our ranking,the Buscemi 100 MM Diamonds are the third most costly pair of sneakers ever.They are not for the faint of heart,what with the 11.5 carats of diamonds and 18 karat gold utilized in these shoes. Even the most die-hard sneakerheads won’t be able to afford the $132,000 price tag on this exact model.If you’re willing to part with that much cash, you might be able to score a pair of white sneakers valued at $132,000 or more.

2. $190,373 For Michael Jordan’s Game-Used Converse Fastbreaks.

Michael Jordan’s Game-Used Converse Fastbreaks-High-End-Sneakers-twoleftsticks(4)

Michael Jordan’s Decades of Abuse Converse Fastbreak is one of the most expensive sneakers ever. Now that Michael Jordan’s game-worn Converse Fastbreaks are on the market, they’ve fetched an incredible $190,000. The 1984 Olympic Games won gold in Los Angeles, USA. Several decades later,a pair of Converse Fastbreaks that had been put up for sale had an autograph from Michael Jordan. Even though the auction was only planned to raise $100,000, it exceeded the expectations of any sneaker fan. Why would somebody pay over $200,000 for a pair of Converse sneakers? What a first!

1. Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans, Valued At $2 Million.

Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans-High-end-sneakers-twoleftsticks(5)

Even if the gap between first and second place is vast, if you’re already planning to spend $100,000 on shoes, you should aim for the top spot.Drake and Nike collaborated to develop the Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan, a pair of sneakers plated with 24k gold. There has never been a pair of sneakers with a gold coating before. Matthew Senna, an American artist, created the shoes every fifty pounds in weight. The most costly Air Jordans ever made. The only alternative for individuals who want to stand out from the crowd while looking their finest is purchasing $2 million sneakers.


Q: Which are the most expensive Jordan 1 shoes?

A: $560,000 Game-worn, autographed Air Jordan 1 Chicago In 2020, a game-worn pair of Air Jordan 1s sold for over $500,000 at Sotheby’s, beating the Nike Waffle Moon Shoes’ record for the most expensive shoe.

Q: Which one is the most expensive pair of Nike shoes?

A: Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Converse Fastbreak is worth $190,373.

Q: Which is the most expensive pair of shoes in the world?

A: Antonio Vietri Moon Star Shoes are the most pricey ones in the world, with a worth of a whopping $19.9 Million.

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