Jisoo has surpassed BLACKPINK's BORN PINK regarding pre-order

Jisoo has surpassed BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK regarding pre-order

Jisoo, a member of BLACKPINK, surpasses BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” in terms of the largest first-day pre-order total for any album in Ktown4u history. After 24 hours, it receives the most pre-orders in Ktown4u history.

Jisoo of BLACKPINK has finally made her solo debut after much speculation. Jisoo, the only one of the four members of BLACKPINK who had not yet made her solo debut, was anxiously anticipated by the band’s fans.

BLACKPINK recently shared a teaser image with a release date for Jisoo’s forthcoming project on their official SNS accounts. On March 31, 2023, near the conclusion of this month, Jisoo will make her public debut.

Jisoo Astounded Fans With Black Outfits

Jisoo's stunning black outfit
Source: Twitter

Jisoo is renowned for her chic and current sense of style both on and off the stage. She frequently dons striking, eye-catching ensembles that highlight her tone and demeanor.

She is renowned for her appreciation of high-end clothing and frequently dons clothes that reflect her upscale taste.

She has been photographed in various attire, from comfy and casual to high fashion and beauty.

Jisoo is a style icon for many of her fans worldwide due to her daring, current, and original sense of clothing.

Jisoo’s fashion is a blend of sophistication and edge. She frequently dons expensive clothing lines like Saint Laurent,  Chanel,  and Dior but also mixes vintage and streetwear into her wardrobe.

Source: Twitter

She enjoys experimenting with various textures, patterns, and hues and avoids attempting risky and provocative looks.

She also likes to dress femininely, wearing skirts and dresses to display her feminine side. She has recently got spotted wearing black apparel.

On her Instagram, she posted a few pictures from the high-end brand Dior fashion show she saw in South Korea.

Jisoo, the adorable global ambassador for Dior, had to appear faultless as they unveiled their autumn collection in Korea, so it was only natural. She wore a netted black midi dress and shoes while displaying her long black hair. Lipstick in sultry crimson was the perfect accent for her beauty.

A traditional mini-black dress is paired with pumps embellished with a black bow. The BLACKPINK singer added a little edge to her ladylike outfit with a pair of black fishnets, making her emulate the runway’s looks. She traded in her Lady D-Joy bag in a detailed black and white design, completing her sophisticated look.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to predict that Jisoo will have a busy year now that she is officially making her solo debut. Jisoo was already having an impressive start to the year before it was revealed that she would be making her solo debut. The artist, wearing a stunning brilliant purple garment, appeared at 2023’s Dior’s autumn/winter fashion show.

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