Are Paige and Craig still together

Are Paige and Craig still together: Winter House co-stars discuss their dating status.

Ciara Miller and Amanda Batula, who both star in “Winter House,” have updated the relationship between Craig Conover and his closest friend Paige DeSorbo. Ciara has revealed that despite the many highs and lows that have occurred throughout the second season of the reality program, she and Future are “so awesome” and are now together.

She went so far as to say that the couple was “still very early in their love” when they shot the Winter House earlier this year. Still, she also mentioned that they have already come a long way together and are in a significantly better place than they were before.

In February of 2021, Craig Conover (33) and Paige DeSorbo (30) became the subject of media attention for the first time together; nevertheless, the couple did not come forward to declare their relationship until September of that same year.

November 2021: Paige DeSorbo discusses Craig Conover.

A month later, DeSorbo highlighted the criticism of her relationship with Conover on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

“People say, ‘Oh, they’re just acting, and they’re doing this as a PR gimmick,'” she remarked. “If that’s true, I’d straight Ben and Jen this s— and be putting it all over and have the nicest captions to everything.”

“The only reason I haven’t posted him is I haven’t taken a grid-worthy pic,” DeSorbo said.

Are Paige and Craig still together

She said, “And this is my real-life guy. You’re not posting your boyfriend on Instagram until he says, ‘I love you.'”

DeSorbo told EDaily !’s Pop that month that she and Conover were spending the holidays with each other’s families. The couple had recently enjoyed an early Thanksgiving with Conover’s family in Delaware and were traveling to Albany, New York, to celebrate with DeSorbo’s family.

DeSorbo quipped, “We’ve been dating for two months. I’ll fool him into a diamond ring!”

Paige DeSorbo, who starred in Winter House, might relocate to Charleston for Craig.

Craig, Ciara, and Amanda all got off on the wrong foot at the beginning of the second part of Winter House. The ladies disapproved of Craig’s actions, so they were curious about his relationship with their best friend, Paige.
In addition, it was the first time that Paige and Craig spent two weeks together. While on vacation in Vermont, Craig was “able to turn it around” rapidly, resulting in the Winter House’s situation beginning to improve after only a few days. Amanda, who also stars in the show, believes that this is one of the reasons his relationship with Paige has gotten more robust than before.

Are Paige and Craig still together

Amanda “can imagine” Paige uprooting her life and going to Charleston, South Carolina, to be with Craig as soon as she witnesses their sizzling chemistry and powerful connection. In spite of the fact that she “doesn’t want to support that move,” she is confident that Paige “would perform wonderful” in the new environment, whereas she believes Craig “would get lost in the city.”

However, Ciara expresses her desire for Craig to relocate to the New York Metropolis on the grounds that “he needs the harsh love of a big city where he is not a big fish in a tiny pond.”

On the other hand, Amanda is certain that if Paige and John continue dating for a while, she will eventually take the next significant step and relocate to Charleston.

Are Paige and Craig still together

Before beginning their love relationship, Paige and Craig had known one other for a number of years as friends. They spent a lot of time together in 2021 while filming Winter House, which contributed to the development of their relationship. At Amanda and Kyle Cooke’s wedding in September 2021, the couple publicly acknowledged their relationship for the first time.

The couple made their relationship public on Instagram in December 2021, shortly after attending the wrap party for the eighth season of Southern Charm in Charleston.

Winter House season 2 is available to stream on Peacock, whereas Summer House will return to Bravo in early 2023.

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