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How To Hide The Emperor Child Chapter 1

How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 1: The story is about an unhappy mother, Astel, and her son, a prince. Astel is a one-day Empress due to her marriage to Prince Kaizen, but they go their separate ways one day. Astel leaves the Kaizen, but she takes it with her a secret. The secret is that she is expecting a child from Prince Kaizen. Astel protects her son from people who want to hurt him.

The news is that Kaizen’s father died just one day after Astel became a princess. Kaizen tells his wife Astel the news when he hears it: “You will leave me. My father wanted that we would get married. But I never wanted to marry you. You didn’t want to marry me, either. You don’t love me.”

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Astel is sad when she hears this and thinks back to when Kaizen gave her a necklace of love. Kaizen is essential to Estelle’s life. She starts to think about how, before Kaizen, she had studied history, politics, military tactics, and different arts and literature. Before she used Kaizen, she had to work hard to learn.

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How To Hide The Emperor Child Chapter 1

That was ten years ago, and he had spent all those ten years with Astel. She had no idea that their relationship would end this way. This was the man she had been waiting for all her life. Astel tells the prince what she thinks about all this: “Yes, I don’t love you.

Astel to herself, “I lied because you told me to.” She leaves

Astel told herself, “I will never be sorry for what I did.”

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When she left, Astel took the secret of her pregnancy with her. Six years go by, and she gets a job in a bakery. “I’m going to close the shop early today, ma’am. So now you can go.” The store owner told Astel. Astel told the shopkeeper, “Yes, but I want to take care of all of this before I leave.”

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As they talked, a voice from far away called out, “Mummy!” This was the voice of the master’s son, who told the news because he was interested. “I told you that wasn’t the way to go. The servant told her son.

When this happened, the mistress’s son couldn’t hold back his interest and asked: “We don’t need to do that anymore. the essential thing is that the soldiers from the royal army have come to our village. They are all covered in armor “.

Astel was scared when she heard this and ran straight to her house. She wondered how they had found her. She made sure no one could find her as she left the place. Then she got back home. On the bed, her son was asleep. Astel looked across at Theor. Theor questioned his mother, “What is it?”

Astel looks at her son and thinks, “I know I can’t keep it a secret forever, but…”

Then someone comes to the door and knocks. Astel is being taken to the palace by none other than the royal soldiers. Astel and her son Theor are brought to the palace.

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