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Nene Leakes Before and After- Is She Still Interested in Having Plastic Surgery?

Nene Leakes Before and After: Wow! Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes appeared unrecognizable in a new photo posted on September 16, two weeks after her husband Greg Leakes passed from cancer.

NeNe’s husband died of colon cancer on September 1, so it was good to see her happy, but it looked like the former Bravo star had added something to her face. On her Instagram Stories, she posted several videos with a watermark in the upper left corner, so her dramatic new look may result from a filter.

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Still, the New Yorker has had plastic surgery before. She had previously mentioned to Us Weekly that she had liposuction, rhinoplasty, and breast lift surgery. “If something comes out, I pick it up!” she said. “As long as you don’t seem plastic, a little touch-up is alright!”

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The reality star has had two nose jobs over the years. The first one was just for looks, but the second was for a “real medical reason,” NeNe told Andy Cohen.

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“I was growing cartilage in my nose, and the tip was touching the top of my lip,” she said. “But the first time, I did not have a full rhinoplasty. No, they made my nostrils wider on the sides the first time. This time, they moved more cartilage into my nose.”

During the interview, the star of “New Normal” said she would keep talking about her surgeries. “I always have a very, very real attitude. So you can ask me anything at any time,” she told the host. “I would never have a nose job for no reason.”

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In 2019, she talked about other surgeries she might want to have. “I would get a boob job. “I would keep my implants and just move the tissue around,” NeNe told Wendy Williams, adding that she might also get a nose job in the future. “According to what I’ve heard, as you get older, your nose gets longer. I wouldn’t be good if I woke up with a nose like that. I like a good filler!

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Q: How old is Nene?

A: She’ll be 54 years old this year.

Q: What was Nene’s name before she became famous?

A: Her full name is Linnethia Monique.

Q: How much money does Nene have in the bank?

A: Her total net worth is around $14 million.

Q: How does she make a living?

A: She acts, designs clothes, and runs her own business.

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