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All Of Us Are Dead Season 2- A New trailer for Season 2 of Netflix’s Series Confirms.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2: All of Us Are Dead is a zombie apocalyptic horror series that follows the protagonists during the zombie apocalypse. The majority of the events of the series take place in a high school. Suddenly, a zombie apocalypse breaks out and jeopardizes the kids’ lives. The series is inspired by the webtoon Now at Our School. Zombies have overtaken the local high School following a test failure in the lab, and the students locked inside are doing their best to stay alive. They have no access to food or water and have been cut off from contact with the outside world. Therefore, they are forced to use the equipment from the School to protect themselves from getting infected.

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Season 1 

A high school student in the city of Hyosan in South Korea receives a bite from a lab rat as they are in the classroom learning about science at their school. She has no clue that the rat was injected with a virus. Soon enough, the young girl transforms into a vicious zombie eager to eat anyone who stands in her way.

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This Netflix original series from South Korea features a total of twelve episodes and focuses on the social dysfunction brought to light due to the pandemic. Additionally, it offers a poignant reflection on the toxic nature of the teenage experience. High School serves as the setting for this series, which takes place in what is perhaps society’s most Darwinian playground and iciest snowball. It is an engaging series from the very first episode to the very last one. The storyline has some ingenious turns, the significance of which is not revealed until several hours later.

However, the answers are exceptionally satisfying since everything has been meticulously prepared. But All of Us Are Dead presents the end of the world purposefully from the point of view of young people because even though the people in high positions in government and military are unaware of it, eventually, death gets to all. The youngsters are the ones who are responsible for doing it, and things won’t get much simpler soon.

Season 2

The second season of All of Us Are Dead is in the works. It should be no surprise that this series won’t end so quickly. K-dramas typically broadcast for a single season in the past, but once “Squid Game” became a success worldwide and was renewed for a second season, the industry was thrown into a complete loop. It’s possible that the second season of “All Us Are Dead” will concentrate on the events following the explosion while also giving viewers a glimpse of the group of semi-zombies.

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It will likely take place in a different city located in Korea nearby. It would be interesting to see zombies wreak havoc in Seoul, but developing the tale in a city in South Korea would almost probably demand a larger budget. However, it would be fascinating to see zombies wreak havoc in Seoul.

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Q: What is All of Us Dead based on? 

A: It is based on a webtoon called Now at our School.

Q: How many survivors are there at the end of season 1? 

A: There are only six student survivors.

Q: Is season 2 confirmed for All of Us are Dead? 

A: Yes, a second season has been confirmed already.

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