Happy 247th Birthday, U.S Marine Corps!

Happy 247th Birthday, U.S Marine Corps!

United States Marine Corps, also known as U.S Marines, turned 247 on November 10. It’s time to wish happy birthday, Marines. The U.S Marine is a naval force under the U.S armed forces, established by the Second Continental Congress on November 10, 1775.

In North Carolina, Marines will celebrate their birthday with cake cutting ceremony along with a run. But Lejeune is not open to the public to attend the cake-cutting ceremony.

Some Key Factors about the U.S Marine Corps

1. The Marine Corps satisfies a primary military job as land and water-capable fighting power. It fits uneven fighting with customary, sporadic, and crossover powers.

2. Before 1920, they informally and commonly celebrated their birthday in July.

3. The official celebration of the Marine Corps’ birthday began on Nov. 10, 1921.

4. Usually, the festival’s most established and young Marines are perceived during the cake-cutting function.

5. The U.S Marine’s emblem has the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

6. The Marine’s aphorism Semper Fidelis implies Always Faithful.

7. The Marine Corps was established to act as an infantry unit on board maritime vessels and was liable for the security of the boat and its group by leading hostile and protective battles during boarding activities.

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