Chopsticks are eating utensils that the Chinese invented.

They are shaped in pairs of equal lengths, especially in China & southeast Asian countries.

They are usually used to consume rice, noodles, and veggies.

It was invented when some Chinese people discovered that it is better to use two twigs when reaching out into hot boiling water or oil pot than using hands or fingers.

Once you learn how to use chopsticks, it becomes easier to use.


Chopsticks are paired together (if made of wood or bamboo). First, we separate them.

Take the first stick; we call it the upper or top chopstick; hold it like a pencil, grab it from the top, then slide your hand about one-third from the top.

The second chopstick is called the lower or bottom chopstick; you hold this one against ring finger and hold it with your thumb base.

To move the chopstick effectively, you only move the top chopstick with your index, middle finger & thumb.


Always use your dominant hand to pick up the chopsticks.

On a set table, chopsticks are lying at a horizontal angle, side by side in front of you.

Make sure that the chopsticks don’t make a clacking sound while picking them up.

The clacking of chopsticks is considered rude in eateries that are quiet & formal occasions.

Make sure you know where to place your hands while holding the chopsticks.

If your hand is too high or low on the chopstick, it will be difficult for you to use them.

When you hold them correctly, the top chopstick does all the work while the bottom stays in its place.

Be mindful of keeping your thumb straight; it should not bend at the knuckle.

Keeping the thumb in place will allow you to focus on the opening and closing of chopsticks with your first two fingers.


To control the movement of chopsticks, you use your index and middle finger in tandem with each other to open the chopstick.

The chopsticks become like an extension of the fingers.

If you find it difficult to lift the food with a chopstick, try to adjust your grip on it.

Only the tips of the chopstick should move while maneuvering them.

Holding the sticks securely is the key, don’t tightly squeeze them.

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For beginners, wooden & bamboo sticks are recommended to learn the proper holding style and grip of the chopsticks.

Keep slight pressure on top to hold your food. Becoming a master at using chopsticks needs practice.

One can do an exercise with different kinds of foods and place them in a bowl with a chopstick.

The upper chopstick does all the hard work while the lower chopstick is there for support.

Asian countries that use chopsticks primarily as their meal utensil reduce the size of the food that can be easily picked with chopsticks.


A certain amount of the population that uses chopsticks believes that one should never stick their chopsticks straight into a bowl of rice, noodles, or whatever food they are eating at the time.

This is because in Japanese culture, during funerals, the deceased person’s family places a chopstick paired with a bowl of rice, an offering to the spirit of the departed soul.

Putting down your chopsticks would convey that you are done with your meal during formal settings.

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Many fine dining places provide chopstick rests, where you can put your chopsticks when you are done or when they are not in use.

Chopsticks’ primary use and purpose are to eat food with them, not to move around dining ware, plates, or bowls.

Some Asian countries equate banging bowls with chopsticks to behavior associated with beggars.

Never stick your chopstick in a serving bowl; it is considered unsanitary.


Q:What are some of the rules while using chopsticks?

A:We need to keep a few rules in mind while using chopsticks.

Make sure that your chopsticks never rub together, don’t stick them in your food.

It is considered to be rude to pass food using chopsticks.

Do not cross the chopsticks on your bowl or table when you are done with your meal.

Q:Is it okay if the chopsticks touch your mouth?

A:The primary purpose of chopsticks is to hold food; if it touches your teeth or lips, it is not considered hygienic.

Q:How high do you hold the chopsticks?

A:It would be best to hold the chopsticks at one-third of the length from the top. The upper chopstick is used for movement, while the bottom is for support.

Q:Who invented the chopsticks?

A:Chopsticks by invented by Chinese ancestors, who figured that using two twigs was convenient to get food from boiling water or oil rather than using hands.

Q:Why are chopsticks essential in Japan?

A:Chopsticks are widely used and the essential eating utensil in Japan. It is used to eat almost everything from rice to noodles to the salad.

Q:Where do you rest your chopsticks?

A:When you finish eating your meal, it is recommended to place your chopsticks on chopstick rest (if it has been provided) or else next to your bowl.

Q:How do you use chopsticks properly?

A:The correct way to hold the chopstick is to hold the upper chopstick like a pencil, one-third way from the top.

Place the bottom chopstick against your ring finger and hold it with your thumb.

Now, you only move the upper chopstick to lift and hold your food.

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