Novak Djokovic guaranteed the visa for the 2023 Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic guaranteed the visa for the 2023 Australian Open.

Serbian celebrity Tennis player Novak Djokovic got the Visa to play the 2023 Australian Open in January 2023, as reported by the state broadcaster ABC and Guardian Australia on November 15. The Aussi government set to overturn Novak’s three-year ban from the country.

Why was the Serbian Tennis star banned from entering Australia for three years?

The Australian government disavowed Djokovic’s Visa in January 2022 on the grounds a new Coronavirus diagnosis didn’t legitimize an exception to Australia’s necessity for guests to be vaccinated.

Even though Djokovic won an impermanent relief in the federal circuit court, Alex Hawke, immigration minister, chose to drop the Visa on the premise Djokovic’s presence in Australia could risk civil turmoil as some see him as a charm of a local area of hostile to immunization feeling.

Novak lost the second case, bringing about his removal only days before he was to challenge the tournament. He was looking for his tenth Australian Open crown and 21st grand slam title.

After dominating his initial game at the ATP Finals in Turin on Monday night, Novak told journalists that he had heard no official statement from the Australian government.

Novak said that they were waiting and also added, “They are communicating with the government of Australia. That’s all I can tell you for now.”

Finally, Novak Will Go Back to Australia

The state broadcaster ABC said it had affirmed that Andrew Giles, Immigration Minister, had overturned the ban, permitting Serbian Tennis player Novak to contend.

The 2022’s championship was eclipsed by nine-time Australian Open winner Novak Djokovic being placed on a plane just before the challenge after a high-stakes fight in court over his Visa.

The circumspection of Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s government can overturn Novak Djokovic’s three years ban. When Novak was kicked out, Australia’s conservative coalition was in power.

Before Tuesday, Craig Tiley, director of the Australian open, communicated confidence that the Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic would be permitted into Australia to contend.

Tiley said,” I don’t think there should be any preferential treatment for anyone. But I fully expect to have an answer for everyone by the time that they need to book their flights and come in, including Novak.

He also added,” That’s entirely up to the Australian government. I know Novak wants to come and play and to get back to competing.” …. “He understands the circumstances and everything but he’s got to work it out with the federal government. I’m confident they’ll reach some arrangement and hopefully it’s positive.”

Karen Andrews, an Opposition politician serving as the Minister of Home Affairs of Australia when Novak Djokovic was extradited, contended that he should not be given unique treatment.

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