Four people have been arrested over the Brownlow Betting Scandal

Four people have been arrested over the Brownlow Betting Scandal

As a part of the suspicious Brownlow medal illegal betting investigation, the police have arrested four suspects, and the AFL umpire is under scrutiny. AFL umpire Michael Pell is the officiator at the focal point of the investigation concerning the dubious betting movement.

Among various outlets alleged umpire Pell, the Herald Sun was the one to name Pell as one of four men captured by the Victoria Police Intelligence Unit on Monday, after dubious round-by-round betting movement on the 2022 count.

Michael Pell has umpired 17 AFL coordinates, except one in the 2022 season, on the senior umpire list.

32-year-old Pell is alleged to spilt data on who might get votes in various games he administered. He is supposed to be remained down.

The Four Suspects

A 29-year-old man from Oak Park, two 32-year-old suspects from Glenroy, and a 27-year-old man were summoned for using the information for illegal betting events. In Kilsyth, Doreen, and Craigieburn, arrest warrants were also carried out.

Detectives held onto cell phones and electronic items while capturing the four men. They are in authority and are helping the Victoria police with continuous inquiry procedures.

Those offences convey a sentence of as long as ten years of detainment.

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