Harrison Butker missed a 47-yard field goal against the Titans

Harrison Butker missed a 47-yard field goal against the Titans

Harrison Butker, the kicker of the Kansas City Chiefs, missed an early point along with a 47-yard field goal in the last night’s match. The Kanas City match beat the Titans 20-17 on Geha field at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, November 6.

The Titans and the Chiefs come into the game with 5-2 records that lead their particular divisions — each of which they have influenced in ongoing seasons. Kansas City is attempting to expand its sequential AFC West titles to seven, while Tennessee is dealing with its fourth consecutive AFC South crown.

The Kanas City came into the game following a ruling 44-23 triumph over the San Francisco 49ers in Week 7 preceding going into their bye week. While Kansas City head coach Andy Reid holds a 20-3 career record following a usual season bye, he has lost four back-to-back customary season games against Tennessee —recently an embarrassing 27-3 road defeat in Week 7 of last season.

The performance of the Chief’s Harrison Butker was not so impressive. The kicker who sank over 58 yards in field goals during the playoff missed a 25 yards PAT and a 47-yard field goal.

The Match Highlight

Kansas City ended up following Tennessee 17-9 with more than seven minutes left to play in the guideline and confronting a third-and-17 situation. That is when Mahomes mixed for 20 yards to keep the drive – – and the Kansas City Chiefs rebound trusts – – alive and would ultimately scramble again for a 14-yard score and two-guide change toward tying the game at 17 each. That prompted an extra period where Mahomes again set up the go-on-scoring drive, marching the Kansas City offense 64 yards down the field to set a 28 yards field goal for Harrison Butker. From that point, the guard dealt with the rest, firing Malik Willis two times to polish off the success and move to 6-2 on the season.

Passing issues were an essential factor determining the Titans’ failure to pull off the road upset. Willis finished only five of his 16 pass endeavors in the defeat for 80 yards. Derrick Henry scrambled for 115 yards and two scores, yet the more significant part of that creation came in the first half. In the interim, Mahomes scored 43 of 63 for 446 yards, a touchdown, and a pick. Travis Kelce was his go-to choice, pulling in 10 of his 17 focuses for 106 yards.

From here, the Kansas City will keep close by Arrowhead and anticipate the Jacksonville Pumas, who are new to success over the Bandits. Concerning the Titans, they’ll go to Nashville and stuff up for Seven day ten matchup with the Denver Broncos, who’ll be new off their bye.

The Titans tossed three incomplete passes. Cochrane almost blocked Stonehouse’s dropkick, yet he had the option to get it off. After Hardman’s return, the Bosses took ownership at their own 40 with just five seconds staying in the guideline. After a speedy incomplete pass to Kelce, Hardman got the second-down access, yet time expired in the regulation as he rushed to the Tennessee 27 to set up additional time.

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