10 Most Popular and Best Sports for Girls

10 Most Popular and Best Sports for Girls:


Soccer is a popular game that attracts both men and women. A woman who can play soccer is most desired. It is a sport for people who want to work on the strength of their lower body. There are not many accessories needed to play the sport. It is only soccer balls, cleats, and thigh guards.



Basketball is a game that pulls a lot of attraction to it. Naturally, women who can play basketball and that too well are highly desired. It’s a sport every woman should play. It helps with the strength of the upper body and helps you get higher height while growing up. It only needs a ball, shoes, and a basket to score.


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Volleyball is a fun sports people play randomly while on a beach or indoors. It just needs a net, a ball, and a knee pad to start playing. The goal is to make the ball land on the opponent’s side.


Tennis is a popular sport amongst girls already. Many famous female tennis players have inspired the interest in girls pursuing tennis. It is a game that requires a ball and chatter.



Swimming is a sport that should be made compulsory as learning to swim is a basic requirement. It requires a swimsuit, goggles, and syncope cap.



Lacrosse is somewhat soccer but with golf athletics. It requires a helmet for eye protection, a ball that is supposed to cross the net of the goalkeeper, and a lacrosse stick to push it through.

It is a game of a lot of running and concentration.



Softball is a less strength-required sport that can be enjoyed by only those who don’t really want to stay in the stir constantly. It requires a balance between hands and eye reflections with both upper and lower body to sync and make moves.



Golf is a sophisticatedly attractive sport. It requires a set of golf sticks, balls, and a kart to take you around as the game covers a large area, so the club offers you transportation. Swinging the club correctly to make a goal is what the whole game is about. It requires tons of energy to walk along, so it is a great source of exercise.


2)Field Hockey:

This is a sport played on the ground with a hockey stick running across the play area and making a goal by tossing the ball through the goalie’s net. Two teams are involved with various players.

Field Hockey

1)Cross County:

Cross county is a sport that can be played indoors or outdoors. It requires running, so running shoes are the only accessory required to join the sport. It can be played alone or with a group of contenders.

Cross County

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