On Spotify Global Chart, Taylor Swift(2nd female) has the most trending songs

On Spotify Global Chart, Taylor Swift(2nd female) has the most trending songs

Taylor Swift, the celebrated American Vocalist and songwriter, became the second female artist to have the most trending songs on Spotify Global chart. Her song ” Anti-Hero” from the album ” Midnights” is trending in the No 10 position on Spotify Global.

Kill Bill by SZA from her album “SOS” is at the top of the Spotify Global chart.

Other popular songs on the Spotify Global chart.

Despite Christmas being over, Ariana Grande’s classic song “Santa Tell Me” garnered 2,814,351 listens on the Spotify Global chart! (Dec. 26th)

With 1.263.448 listens, JungKook’s Left And Right, and Right has returned to the Spotify Global Chart for the 184th day! It is currently tied with “Permission to Dance” as the 7th longest-running single by a Korean artist on the chart above!

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With 2,380,009 streams today, Selena Gomez & Heisrema’s “Calm Down” climbed to position 28 (+71) on Spotify Global; it is anticipated to reach position 17 tomorrow.

With 1,565,813 streams charted for 37 days, Jungkook’s “Dreamers” re-enters the Top 100 Spotify Global Daily Top Songs at position 75 (+87).

Bloody Mary” gained 2,057,377 filtered streams on Monday, moving up to position 42 on the Spotify Global Charts (+79).

Only two Idol girl groups, NewJeans ADOR, and BLACKPINK have reached the Top 20 on Spotify Global.

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Spotify Global’s top 10 songs list

Kill Bill by SZASOS
All I Want for Christmas With You by Mariah CareyMerry Christmas
Last Christmas by WhamLAST CHRISTMAS
Unholy (feat Kim Petras) by Sam Smith & Kim PetrasUnholy (feat Kim Petras)
Creepin’ (With the Weekend & 21 Savage) by Metro Boomin, the Weekend, 21 Savage HEROS & VILLANS
As It Was by Hary StylesHarry’s House
Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee MERRY CHRISTMAS
La Bachata by Manuel TurizoLa Bachata
Jingle Bell Rock by Boby Helms Jingle Bell Rock
Anti-Hero by Taylor SwiftMidnights

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