Jisoo will showcase her incredible solo artistry on the upcoming single, FLOWER

Jisoo will showcase her incredible solo artistry on the upcoming single, FLOWER

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo gets anticipated to capture the attention of music lovers by possessing distinctive musical colors and rich smells, exactly like the word FLOWER.

The BLACLPNK member will showcase her incredible solo artistry on March 31 with the release of the single FLOWER as a part of her debut album ME.

Jisoo, a member of BLACKPINK, will make her solo debut soon, while the K-pop group is also wrapping up its Born Pink tour. During one of their most recent performances in Taiwan, member Lisa asked Jisoo for a small preview of her upcoming album ME.

It’s unclear if Jisoo’s clever response sidestepped the question or if her posture was genuinely a spoiler. Still, it has managed to raise the appropriate level of interest for her solo debut. A clip of Jisoo and Lisa joking around on stage is also popular on social media.

In the video, Lisa asks her bandmate for a quick tip about halfway through the performance. Jisoo, who had been amusingly pacing the stage, pauses briefly to strike a hush stance by placing her index finger nearly to her lips.

A poker face expression that rapidly transforms into a lighthearted giggle accompanied the position. While many thought the posture might be a part of her ME choreography, others thought it was merely a sly way for her to sidestep the topic.

Jisoo’s upcoming solo debut got formally announced by Jisoo’s record label, YG Entertainment, in February. A little over a month later, the Korean pop star declared that her debut solo album would get released on March 31. A bright red piece of fabric lay in the middle of a lovely green field as the mystery “Coming soon” sign for ME.

Jisoo will release her first solo album ME
Source: Twitter

Since then, several tantalizing pictures have been released in response to the poster, including a video showing Jisoo having fun with a lavish red flower. Interestingly, her first single, FLOWER, suggests that the relevance of her debut solo album is flowery.

In just two weeks, Jisoo’s first solo album, “ME,” has achieved 950,000 preorders, making it the Korean pop female soloist with the HIGHEST sales. In two days, there were 510,000 preorders, and in a week, the number became 840,000.

Jisoo can be seen experimenting with red in the poster and staring intently into the lens. The BLINKs get enthused by her stare, the poster’s aesthetics, and its title. 

Jisoo’s solo album will be a personal narrative of her experience, and on March 20, the Blackpink singer released the album’s lead single. The song, FLOWER, will be available on March 31, 2023, at 1 PM KST.

FLOWER, the upcoming single by Jisoo
Source: Twitter

Born Pink, the second full-length studio album by the renowned Korean pop girls’ group BLACKPINK, was a tremendous success. In October 2022, it reached the top of the Billboard 200 chart. The band announced last month that they would embark on a Born Pink tour and visit Australia and Mexico. The group is also preparing to make its first appearance at the Music and Art Festival in Coachella Valley after four years.

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