Becky G got cheated on by her fiance Sebastián Lletget

Becky G got cheated on by her fiance Sebastián Lletget

Sebastián Lletget, Becky G, the American singer’s fiance, is in the news after allegedly cheating on her two months after the engagement.

The FC Dallas player Sebastian Lletget reportedly cheated on his fiancée, singer Becky G. The matter has received much attention on numerous social media sites even though none has acknowledged or refuted the allegations.

The complainant said that the adultery occurred in February 2023, two months after the pair posted about their engagement on social media.

Concern among their supporters has been raised by recent infidelity charges by the “ghost” Instagram account @ja29poo. The trick would have taken place in Madrid, Spain’s Shoko nightclub.

The phantom user asserted that she had intimate images and videos as proof but would not release them because of legal considerations.

One of the claims made against the person who published the articles was that they were able to get in touch with Becky G on the day the events took place and give her all the information that couldn’t be published because it involved sensitive and highly private information, including nudity of the soccer player of  Dallas Football Club.

“I have all the evidence that Sebastian, your boyfriend, cheated on you in February. I will send them to you personally. Because I won’t keep quiet, a lot of the press has gotten in touch with me,” the accuser—whose identity has got withheld—said.

Lletget and Becky G first became acquainted in January 2016 through their shared friends Naomi Scott, who co-starred in Power Rangers with the singer, and Jordan Spence, a footballer. Since then, they have remained together, and their most recent public appearance was at the Vanity Fair gala for the 2023 Oscars.

Given that Lletget’s close friend Naomi’s husband, Jordan Spence, introduced the couple to each other. They began dating a few months after they first met, and the rest is history. The couple has been together for six years and engaged for two months.

Becky G with her fiancé Sebastián Lletget
Source: Twitter

Social media users have begun to speculate about Lletget and Becky G’s relationship status due to the rumors.

Notably, Becky G stated to People Magazine the previous year that she and Lletget were “supporting each other” in their professions and wasn’t in a “hurry” for anything to change.

Sebastian Francisco Lletget,  the 30-year-old professional soccer player from the US, is currently playing for FC Dallas. He was born in San Francisco to Argentine parents.

Sebastian got raised in South San Francisco, went to El Camino High School, and before enrolling in the US under-17 residency program, played for Santa Clara Sporting and relocated to England.

The Well-known singer and actress from the US, Becky G, 26,  became well-known in 2011 after publishing online cover videos. “Becky from the Block,” her debut song, got published in 2013.

They consistently demonstrated they were a solid pair but have yet to hint that they would become more committed.

The singer shocked her more than 35.8 million fans in December 2022 with a photo of her hand holding a matte cup, perfectly contrasting an engagement ring with diamonds that shined like the sun.

A publication confirmed the news, and the couple appeared deeply in love and excited about their plans.

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