Jimin features Jungkook in a hidden track of his album, FACE

Jimin features Jungkook in a hidden track of his album, FACE

The CD version of the recent album FACE by Jimin,  published on March 24, contains a hidden track called 편지.  The song itself has a gentle beat and a lovely harmonica melody.

The lyrics discuss how lovely romantic sentiments give people the courage to try new things and deal with their problems. The beautiful voice of Jungkook comes through.

Jungkook was preparing dinner when he went live the previous day. Some BTS fans have noted today that the guitar riff he played toward the end is identical to the song.

The song had got spoiled by Jungkook but most excellently. Many of their followers are overjoyed to see them collaborating once more!

Jimin, a member of BTS, began a two-night visit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

To commemorate the release of his debut album, FACE, BTS Member Jimin began his two-night performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.

Jimin interviewed with host Jimmy Fallon during his first solo appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

BTS Jimin, the international pop music icon, appeared as Fallon announced, ‘FACE’ has been published.” The audience applauded because BTS got nominated for the “GRAMMY AWARDS” five times.

During his interview with Fallon, the South Korean pop star claimed that his first solo album is a diary of his experiences during the pandemic. The eagerly awaited album Face came at midnight on Friday, and fans are already raving about it.

Jimin appeared at the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Source: Twitter

“I was able to get nominated owing to the fans who support me,” Jimin said in his thank-you speech.

Jimin, the BTS member, is well-known for various things. Still, his most unique performance quality currently on the stage is his blend of athleticism and delicacy, which developed during years of ballet and modern dance training. 

Many of the most memorable high notes and harmonies throughout BTS’s extensive discography can get attributed to his airy, acrobatic voice. By any account, he’s incredibly kindhearted and thoughtful and strikes me as a creative who feels things deeply.

FACE is a whole new game, though. Ten years after debuting in BTS, Jimin expressed excitement about releasing his first-ever solo album, FACE.

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