YesJulz Net Worth: Some Facts to Know About YesJulz!

Known as “the Queen of Snapchat,” YesJulz is a businesswoman, global influencer, talent manager, and philanthropist. A self-described workaholic, YesJulz is the CEO of 1AM Entertainment and works nonstop. When it comes to advertising on Snapchat, she has collaborated with a wide range of well-known brands, and has been nominated for the Short Award for Snapchatter of 2017.

Net worth: YesJulz

As a well-known face on social media, YesJulz is worth an estimated $3 million in total. There are approximately 100,000 individuals that follow her Snapchat account every day. You may find Julieanna Goddard on both Instagram and Twitter using her real name. Snapchat’s “Queen of Snapchat” is YesJulz, according to Huffington Post.

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To make ends meet as a teenager in Tampa, Florida, she worked as a nightclub promoter on Miami’s South Beach. According to sources, YesJulz makes between $25,000 and $1 million every month by promoting products on Snapchat. One of the first people to utilise Snapchat as a reality show, she labels herself a “Director of Vibes.”

Personal Life of YesJulz

YesJulz’s love life has peaked the curiosity of many of his devoted followers due to the size of his following. On occasion, LeBron James might be seen on her social media accounts. We don’t know what’s going on between these two because they haven’t spoken about it!

Rambo Diego Ramos, a filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles, previously collaborated with YesJulz in 2016. They had to get the police involved when the couple’s sex film was made public and went viral. The hackers who released Rambo’s images and videos were finally caught. Rambo denied any involvement in the leaks.

In the same year, YesJulz was spotted in a thong bikini on a beach with an attractive man, prompting rumours of their sexual relations. As opposed to the press, he was never introduced to the public by his manager, YesJulz.

It is true Juliz does speak to the media on occasion about his personal connections, but his remarks are frequently vague. In February 2019, she tweeted that she had a man whose name didn’t begin with “C.”

With her partner, I’m guessing, Julz is having a great time! Many of her admirers are happy for her and her new partner.

As stated on her site, YesJulz’s real name is Julieanna Goddard and she was born in 1990. Every year on the third of March, YesJulz returns to the city where she was raised in foster care in Tampa, Florida, with her adoptive family. Having both Puerto Rican and Italian roots, she is an American citizen of mixed origin.

It is known that the Instagram celebrity’s biological parents were drug users, and she was placed in foster care at the age of four. In fact, she and her father, a lifelong Bostonian, had developed a close bond after taking a private tour of Fenway Park with Johanna, her foster mother. July had not yet met her father when they first met in 2015.

She was always a tall lady who seemed to be many years older than her true age, and that had been the case since she was a child. She is a healthy 28-year-old woman who is 5’8″ (1.72 metres) tall and weighs a reasonable amount.

Julz was eighteen years old when she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in 2009. As a result, she’s been detained before. She was once arrested shoplifting lip gloss and other products from Walmart when she was a teenager.


Information in a Flash

Born on March 3, 1990.

Nationality: American

Profession: Global influencer and talent manager who also gives back to the community via charitable endeavours.

In terms of marriage status: Single person (2019)

Neither Divorced nor Engaged

Boyfriend/Dating: Rambo Diego Ramos is the name of the player (Split)

Gay/Lesbain: No

Ethnicity: $3 million in total net worth

In the meantime, there are no children/kids

Five and a half feet eight inches tall (1.72 meters)

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