Yeonjun & Yunjin's dating rumors have gone viral on social media

Yeonjun & Yunjin’s dating rumors have gone viral on social media

Yeonjun from TXT and Huh Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM are rumored to be dating each other, and the fans debate the reliability of the news circulating on social media.

Although it is not surprising that there are already internet rumors linking the two K-pop idols, fans are split about the integrity of the information. Fans discovered Yunjin’s personal Spotify account with the pseudonym “Yunny” and found a sketch of a guy and a girl together, which sparked the rumors.

Yunjin is known as Yunny, and it appeared that the K-pop star’s sister was also following the account. Along with the recently released self-produced song “I DOLL” by LE SSERAFIM member, the Spotify account also includes music Yunjin had previously recommended.

Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM
Source: Twitter

The artwork on the account and the artwork that the K-pop idol used for her song were comparable, so fans were confident that it belonged to Yunjin. One of the sketches that portrayed a boy and a girl standing together caused her to start dating Yeonjun from TXT.

The boy’s sketch in the artwork resembled a TXT member. The drawing is said to have been created in September 2022. Yeonjun of TXT had blue hair at the time. The boy’s ear piercing, hair color, style, and other physical characteristics are all included in the sketch.

Despite the facts, there remains disagreement among fans regarding the reports of a relationship between Huh Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM and TXT’s Yeonjun. However, the Sojang YouTube channel uncovered proof that the couple is dating. In September, the YouTuber posted images of the two K-pop stars sporting similar attire.

TXT's Yeonjun
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Yunjin also matched the girl’s appearance to herself at the time by wearing gold hoops as earrings.

Additionally, according to fans, Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM and Yeonjun of TXT tried to get near one another on a special episode of The Game Caterers that featured HYBE musicians.

The fifth EP by TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION,” is expected to release on January 27, 2023, Friday at 2 p.m. KST.

TXT has been teasing their next album with teaser videos, photos, and vital details, which has heightened fans’ anticipation for the comeback.

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