World's Top 10 Highest Paying Sports!

World’s Top 10 Highest Paying Sports!

Top 10 Highest Paying Sports List: Sports have become one of the booming industries in today’s world.

Both men and women build careers out of their childhood passions for various sports and successfully make a living out of them.

The world’s richest athlete has an estimated over $2 billion net worth.

Different sports are popular in other age groups, making them reach wider among the followers in the masses.

Following is a list of the world’s top 10 highest-paying sports.

1) Basketball:

Basketball is a team sport played by two teams as opposition.

It involves a ball and a net basket to make the goal.

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Players advance or pass the ball by bouncing it while running or walking to the next one across the basketball court to reach the closest to their net and make the basket.

It undoubtedly is the highest-paying sport in the world.

Some basketball players are the highest-paid athletes in the world, like Michael Jordan, with an estimated net worth of $2 billion.

The NBA is the National Basketball Association which is the highest-paid basketball tournament played by different teams around the world, which attracted athletes globally to join basketball professionally.

It is the most-watched and most-followed sport in the US. 

2) Boxing:

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Boxing is a two-player game of fighting against each other with fists and kicks.

Particular types of safety equipment are involved, like protective gloves, headgear, L-guard, and knee Guard.

It is a game of attack and defense, where the last man standing wins.

It is the 2nd highest-paying sport in the world, with the highest-paid fighter earning a whopping $333 million from a match.

Boxing is said to be one of the oldest sports on this planet.

The wealthiest boxer in the world is Floyd Mayweather, popularly known for the match most-watched in the history of boxing, Floyd v/s Manny Pacquiao.

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3) American Football:

American football is a team sport only played by two teams involving eleven players each, playing against each other on a rectangular field with goalposts at two far ends.

It is one of the world’s highest-paying sports, attracting players worldwide to join and play professionally.

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NFL National Football League is the most-watched football tournament online.

Roger Staubach is the highest-paid player in NFL and has earned $253 million in a year, making the sport the third highest-paying in the world.

4) Golf:

Golf is a ball-and-club sport in which a player strikes a tiny ball with various clubs from a line of starting points of holes on a course, making scores in as few strokes as possible.

The course is ground with a green area known as the fairway. It looks easy to learn but is the hardest to master in it.

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The highest-paid golf player is Tiger Woods, who earned $127 million in a year, making it the 4th highest-paying sport in the world.

It is one of the most popular sports to watch in the US.

5) Soccer:

Soccer is a team sport played between two opposing teams consisting of eleven people each, where each team tries to win by kicking a ball towards their side and making a goal in the net.

It is one of the oldest sports played in the 19th century.

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It is the most popular sport followed and watched by over 4 billion fans globally.

The highest-paid athlete in football has made $126 million a year, making it the 5th highest-paying sport in the world.

But it is the most played and popular sport in all countries.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the wealthiest billionaire footballer in the world and with the maximum fan following on the earth.

6) Tennis:

Tennis, originally called Lawn Tennis, is a sport played against a single player (match of singles) or among two teams of pairs (round of doubles).

Each player is given a cord-struggled tennis racket to strike a hollow rubber ball, mostly like Cosco, across the net in continuous strokes without dropping or hitting the net in between.

The sport has recently formed a solid fanbase and has gained worldwide popularity.

Most women love the game, so it has become one of the most liked sports by women.

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It has been playing well to the women players as well.

The fact that highest-paid tennis player is a woman named Roger Federer, who earned $106 million in one year, making it the 6th highest-paying sport in the world.

7) Ice Hockey:

Ice hockey is a fast, sliding, and exciting team sport played among two teams, with six players each, who are supposed to be wearing skates to compete on an ice rink to hit a small puck across the ice into a goal with the hockey stick.

It is a popular sport in the US with millions of fan following.

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The highest-paid player is Wayne Gretzky, who earned $99 million a year, making it the seventh highest-paying sport in the world.

8) Baseball:

Baseball is an American team sport famous usually in English regions.

It is a game that requires a bat and a ball, played between two opposing teams, consisting of nine players each, taking turns in batting and fielding.

It has quite a fan base, the same as wrestling or racing.

Baseball definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

The highest-paid player is Alex Rodriguez, who has ever got $38 million a year, making Ice Hockey the eighth highest-paying sport in the world.

It is a game as old as the 18th century, established by English men. MLB is the most prestigious and popular baseball tournament in the baseball league.

9) Auto-Racing:

Auto racing is all about races of automobiles for competition. It is motorsport, most popularly played in Olympics.

Auto racing is as old as the invention of the automobile. It was first contested in 1867.

Its popularity has grown, although until recently, for the past few generations as a passion.

It is most prevalent in US and Europe regions.

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The danger that it involves is a matter of life and death.

The highest-paid car racer got $18 million, making the sport the 9th Highest-paying sport in the world.

One of the wealthiest and most popular racers in the history of athletes is Michael Schumacher, with a net worth of $800 million.

It is the most expensive sport in the world as it involves automobiles.

10) Wrestling:

Wrestling is a physical combat sport involving grappling techniques such as throws, clinch fighting, and pin-downs.

The sport was established in the 19th century and slowly grew among people from the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.

With time it became one of the most popular sports watched by millions worldwide.

Bajrang Punia's wrestle mania | Olympics News,The Indian Express

The highest-paid wrestler, Brock Lesnar, earned $12 million, making it the 10th highest-paying sport in the world.

However, the wealthiest player is still Vince McMahon to date.

People also ask

Q: Which is the world’s highest-paid sport?

A: It is Basketball.

Q: Who is the wealthiest sports player in the world?

A: Michael Jordan is the richest, with a net worth of $2.2 billion.

Q: Who are the highest-paid athletes in America?

A: Lewis Hamilton, Dak Prescott, Naomi Osaka, Neymar, etc., are a few.

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