Jamie Lee Curtis talked about Ariana DeBose's rap at the BAFTA

Jamie Lee Curtis talked about Ariana DeBose’s rap at the BAFTA

When Jamie Lee Curtis applauded Ariana DeBose’s trending rap at the BAFTA Film Awards last weekend, she spoke for us all.

Angela Bassett and Lee Curtis, the Oscar nominee for  “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” defended DeBose’s portrayal of the renowned actresses present in the room who are up for awards this year.

Although there were some conflicting early reactions, the joke immediately went viral and was cited by some of the most significant musical figures.

During the Producer’s Guild of America awards red carpet on Saturday, Curtis spoke to Deadline and applauded the performance of  Ariana DeBose, while also disagreeing with those who criticized it. She discussed DeBose’s implementation and her optimistic perspective on the widely discussed moment.

DuBose initially withdrew from social media when the results received mixed reactions. Still, she later returned and joined in the lighthearted teasing by tweeting some of her favorite analyses of her performance.

I don’t understand what the fu** these folks are talking about. It seemed happy, festive, sisterly, heated, and spicy, and she’s just so tremendously brilliant,” Jamie Lee Curtis said.

She also pointed out that some of the audience members startled expressions weren’t due to their dissatisfaction with the performance. But instead of the cameras being too close to their faces.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Source: Twitter

Despite some early internet ridicule, the responses from Bassett and Curtis are simply the most recent examples of how the cultural tides have shifted in favor of DeBose’s performance.

Nick Bullen, the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) producer, used the section as an example of the positive changes that award shows need to make to stay relevant with younger audiences in an interview shortly after the broadcast.

He stated, “The social media presence was crucial to us. “To us, communicating with young people was crucial. Our message needed to reach many groups in Britain. We wished to convey to everyone that this performance is open to anyone.”

There will be a “FREAKY FRIDAY 2,” according to Jamie Lee Curtis.

On the red carpet for the SAG Awards, which included the Lindsay Lohan Cinematic Multiverse, Jamie Lee Curtis addressed FREAKY FRIDAY sequel speculations.

“Without claiming anything is formally taking place, I’m now staring at you and saying, obviously, it’s going to happen,” she said.

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