Who is Woo Young Woo's mother

Who is Woo Young Woo’s mother? The truth was revealed!

Who is Woo Young Woo’s mother? The mystery around Woo On the most recent episode of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo,’ Young Woo’s mother was disclosed to the audience.

Woo Young Woo, portrayed by Park Eun Bin and introduced in the most recent episode of the drama on July 21, found out the identity of her biological mother in this episode. Because Woo Young Woo’s father was a single parent during the drama, many viewers were left wondering what happened to Woo Young Woo’s mother.

In an earlier episode of the drama, Woo Young Woo made it clear that she wanted to forge her path apart from her father, Woo Kwang Ho (who is portrayed by Jeon Bae Soo). At the same time, Woo Young Woo was approached by Tae Su Mi (who is portrayed by Jin Kyung) about working at Taesan Law Firm.

Who is Woo Young Woo's mother

Nevertheless, Woo Young Woo’s father is adamantly opposed to his son working at Taesan, and he tells Woo Young Woo, “You can’t go there. Tae Su Mi is your mom!” Woo Young Woo trips and falls down the staircase after being startled, which causes her to miss a step on the staircase.

Woo Kwang Ho offers his apologies to Woo Young Woo while they are both patients at the hospital “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I told you that your mother passed died while she was giving birth to you, but I lied, “and described the events that took place a very long time ago, around the time that Woo Young Woo was born.

At the show’s conclusion, Woo Young Woo meets with Tae Su Mi and poses the following question to her: “Do you not recognize me? My father is Woo Kwang Ho, and I am his daughter.” When Tae Su Mi remembers this, it is when she understands that Woo Young Woo is her daughter. Woo Young Woo followed the explanation, “I intended to depart from Hanbada. If Taesan were to hire me, I intended to switch companies. On the other hand, I only later learned your identity.”

Who is Woo Young Woo's mother

The reason Woo Young Woo declined Tae Su Mi’s offer was given as follows: “I wanted to establish my independence from my father and grow up, so I decided to leave Hanbada and find a new home. But, I cannot work for my mother’s company because of my relationship with my father. Especially not when my mother gave birth to me but then abandoned me, and to this day, she still does not recognize me in any way.”

Tae Su Mi turns the question back to Woo Young Woo at the end of the conversation, asking, “Do you resent me for what I’ve done?” Woo Young Woo provides the following response: “When we stopped to look at the tree on top of the hill in Sodeok-dong together, it was a pleasant experience. At the very least, I wanted to speak with you. It was a pleasure to talk to you finally.” Woo Young Woo says his farewells and then departs.

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