The Voice, 2nd season, episode 22: top 8 semi-final Performances.

The Voice, 2nd season, episode 22: top 8 semi-final Performances.

The Voice season 22 is back, and the current week’s episode 22 highlights the leading eight semi-final contestants singing Whitney Houston duets and solos. The episode aired on December 5, Monday evening, at 8 p.m. on NBC and is accessible LIVE on Fubo TV.

How to watch The Voice, 22nd season, current episode?

You can watch The Voice, 22nd season, episode 22, Free of charge with FuboTV (free preliminary) or Sling (special offers). Assuming you’re out of free preliminaries, you can buy into DirecTV for $69.99 monthly, stream the show live, or watch the day after its premiere on Peacock (free preliminary). You can compensate for lost time with old episodes and watch the new episode the following day with Hulu (free initial).

The Voice 2022, Coaches

  • Blake Shelton
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Coach Camila Cabello
  • John Legend
  • Carson Daly ( Host)

The Eight Semifinalist Contestants

The 2022 season of “The Voice” is concluding; however, to make the following week’s finale, the Main eight contestants should endure the semi-final this week, where three challengers will be eliminated. This evening, the leftover individuals from John Legend, Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani, and Blake Shelton’s groups should do their absolute best with it if they have any desire to try not to be cast a ballot into Tuesday evening’s last Moment Save sing-off of the time.

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Tragically, numerous vocalist contestants must be eliminated every week to account for the following week’s season finale. Last week, Group Camila lived to see one more day when it’s just part. Morgan Myles acquired sufficient fan support, while Group Gwen and Group Blake each lost one part in Kique and Rowan Elegance separately.

The way things are, Group Legend and Group Blake are attached with three artists left, while Group Gwen and Group Camila are down to one.

Team Gwen

Justin Aaron.

Team Legend

  • Parijita Bastola
  • Kim Cruse
  • Omar Jose Cardona

Team Blake

  • Bryce Leatherwood
  • Brayden Lape
  • Bodie

Camila’s Team

Morgan Myles

Which singers are in the danger zone, and who is safe?

According to Gold Derby’s odds, Omar Jose Cardona, Kim Cruse, Parijita Bastola from Team Legend, and Blake Shelton’s Brayden Lape are in the danger zone and might get eliminated. Whereas Team Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello’s team are safe.

Some of the Exciting Performances of The Voice, Episode 22

Carson Daly started the episode by presenting the Coaches and illuminating the crowd that the vocalists will each sing a duet and a solo performance of “I Want to Hit the dance floor with Someone,” New Houston’s biopic.

Team Gwen’s Justin Aaron

Justin Aaron began the show with Cynthia Erivo’s “Stand Up”, a melody that his better half truly cherishes. Justin said that each presentation he’s given on the show had prompted this one.

The Duet Performance of Camelia’s Myles and Blake Shelton’s Bryce Leatherwood

Morgan Myles and Bryce Leatherwood collaborated for Whitney Houston’s first duet song of the evening, singing a country rendition of her tune “Saving All My Adoration for You”.

Bryden Lape from Team Blake

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Brayden Lape, the most youthful vocalist in The Voice, season 22, carried his mom to practice to meet Blake before rehearsing his presentation of Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know.” Camila said she was excited about where Brayden’s vocation would take him.

Parijita from Team Legend

Parijita Bastola went straightaway, singing her version of “Relentless” of Sia, and said she puts on a symbolic shield before singing live. Her exhibition highlighted mirrors and projections to put Bastola’s picture around the “Voice” studio.

The Duet Performance

Brayden Lape and Bodie made that big appearance for the second Whitney Houston duet harmony of the evening, playing out a dialled-back, acoustic variant of “I Want to Hit the dance floor with Somebody.”

Kim Cruse

Kim Cruse endured last week by winning the Moment Save. This week she desires to try not to need to give an unexpected passing presentation by wowing watchers with her interpretation of “Summertime” from the melodic “Porgy and Bess”, saying this is the kind of tune she would like to perform at her live show.

Omar Jose Cardona

Omar Jose Cardona is doing an exemplary this week with “My Heart Will Go On,” the iconic Celine Dion song he’s committed to his better half. In practice, John inquired whether he could give any longer “firecrackers” in his presentation.

Bodie from Team Blake

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Bodie got serious about the fact that he is so appreciative to be going through this opposition with his group close by. This week, he’s performing Hasley’s “Without Me”, his most memorable tune by a female craftsman.

Leatherwood’s Performance

Group Blake’s last presentation of the night was Bryce Leatherwood’s version of Justin Moore’s track ” If Heaven Wasn’t So Far”, which he committed to his grandparents and family, whom he misses.

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