Where is the 100 filmed? Location Guide!

“The 100” is a sci-fi drama set after the world’s end. It tells the story of the people sent to Earth to find out what the future looks like for humanity. Most of the people were killed by a nuclear accident 97 years ago. The still-alive people ran away to the space station orbiting the Earth. The makeshift home is getting too small now, and they need to get back on their feet.

One of the most important things about the show’s version of Earth is that it doesn’t look like the world we live in now. Instead, it focuses on the wildness of nature and the essential cruelty of people. When the social structures we know are taken away, the unpredictable nature of people becomes apparent.

Through the Grounders, the Reapers, and the Mountain Men, the series shows how people think and their basic instincts to be cruel and to survive. The show used a lot of outdoor locations to show how dangerous their surroundings were. Here are all of the places where it was shot.

Where does The 100 take place?

The story of “The 100” is about 100 young people sent to a post-apocalyptic Earth to see if it is ready to be inhabited again. The Earth was still recovering from the nuclear war about 100 years ago, so these young people have to live in harsh conditions. “The 100” shows us a world that is both interesting and different from our own.

Where is the 100 filmed

Even though there are a lot of cultural and scientific differences between our world and the world of “The 100,” the world of “The 100” still looks a lot like ours, though it has fewer people. All these beautiful places used in “The 100” are in Canada. Most of the show’s scenes are shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.

British Columbia, Vancouver

‘The 100’ has spent much time in and around Vancouver over its seven seasons. Some scenes have been shot at the Vancouver Film Studios and the Aja Tan Studios. But the story needs a lot of outdoor settings, which puts the characters in dangerous situations caused by Earth’s new environment. People who live in Vancouver will find many places that know about the world of “The 100.”

Seymour Mainline and the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve are shown in many episodes. The Spur 4 Bridge and the Spur 7 Beach are also familiar sights in the show. In the first few seasons of “The 100,” the tunnels of the Britannia Mine Museum were shown. Several parks have been used to show what Earth would look like if no one lived there.

Where is the 100 filmed

Some of these places are Lynn Canyon Park, Twin Falls, Upper Coquitlam River Park, Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Area, and Stawamus Chief Provincial Park. Alie’s Mansion is set in Gibsons Mansion and The Vancouver Club, both outside and inside. The show has also been filmed at Surrey City Hall, Oceanic Plaza, Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, West Cordova Street, Guinness Tower, Blieberger Farm, Canada Place, and Burrard Street.

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