Warrior Nun, the canceled Netflix show, is demanded to restream

Warrior Nun, the canceled Netflix show, is demanded to restream

Fans of Warrior Nun on Twitter are urging Netflix to “fix [its] mistake” by restoring the show. Based on ‘Warrior Nun Areala,’ a comic book character by Ben Dunn, Warrior Nun is an American fantasy TV series created by Simon Barry.

Season 2 of the Alba Baptista-starring sitcom debuted on streaming services in November after receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from viewers and critics alike.

Despite the show’s fervent following, Netflix canceled Warrior Nun in December. That prompted a #SaveWarriorNun campaign, which has so far been fruitless. After the show was canceled, Barry declared that he would try to bring it back on another network or streaming service.

Now, a sizable number of fans have returned to Twitter to call for Netflix to reverse its decision to cancel Warrior Nun. The initiative comes as viewers’ annoyance with Netflix’s frequent termination of shows after just one or two seasons is rising.

The term “NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE,” which has subsequently become a global trending topic, is the latest rallying cry among Warrior Nun fans.


Alba Baptista, a Portuguese actress, stars as the series’ narrator and protagonist, Ava Silva, a paraplegic orphan who discovers she now possesses magical abilities and is compelled to join an ancient order of warrior nuns. Baptista’s first English-language project is the series.

Alva Baptista as Ava Silva
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In Warrior Nun, a 19-year-old lady awakens in a mortuary with a fresh outlook on life and a divine treasure buried deep into her back.
She finds out that she has joined the illustrious Order of the Cruciform Sword, tasked with battling demons on Earth. Powerful forces from hell and heaven are pursuing her and trying to take control of her.

How Warrior Nun Illustrates Netflix’s Streak of Cancellations

Warrior Nun
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Even though the Warrior Nun fan base appears to have launched the most effective campaign to overturn a Netflix cancellation decision, this is far from the first time the streaming service has faced criticism for its decision to end a show. Similar circumstances led to the cancellation of the Wachowskis’ sci-fi drama Sense8 in 2017 after two seasons.

Even Netflix responded to the decision’s fan backlash by saying that they had considered their feedback but that their choice would stand.

To provide viewers closure, the streamer partially overturned this decision and mandated a two-hour finale. However, there have been a lot of other well-known Netflix cancellations since Sense8 that have disappointed viewers.

Save Warrior Nun
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After only one season, Netflix decided to discontinue The Midnight Club last year. That was an unexpected decision given the streamer’s close relationship with Mike Flanagan, the man behind popular shows like Midnight Mass and  The Haunting of Hill House.

Other show cancellations, however, have come as less of a shock. Examples include Resident Evil, which at best-caused controversy, and Blockbuster, which received abysmal reviews.

In 1899, a series that received largely favorable reviews and got a spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list was recently canceled. That was another relatively high-profile termination. Not all of Netflix’s show cancellation choices are shocking or even controversial, but many raise concerns about how popular a show must be to merit more seasons.

The daily social media craze for fictitious drama may push other fandoms to fight for the renewal of their favorite shows. An awareness-raising GoFundMe has already raised more than $30,000. Even though Warrior Nun broke records with its second season, the consensus claims that Netflix “spent a proven $0 into promotion,” and the show ended prematurely despite its tragic demise.

In the hopes that one will continue the thrilling story, there are preparations to deliver flowers, balloon bouquets,  and snacks to significant streaming service providers. It’s safe to say that Warrior Nun and Simon Barry have some of the most devoted followers on the planet.

It’s still determined if Netflix will cave to fan demand regarding Warrior Nun. Still, it seems unlikely, considering the precedent it would set for inevitable future show cancellations. 

Due to excessive spending on content over the past few years, audiences are currently living in a time where streaming providers must be more careful about the series they renew, as evidenced by the most recent HBO Max content purges.

In the end, it seems like Netflix and other streamers would be better off focusing on creating fewer, higher-quality shows rather than casting a wide net and approving a variety of shows. Unless they don’t become massive hits like Stranger Things, they will have to be canceled after only one or two seasons.

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