VIXX released the digital single 'Gonna Be Alright,' on January 3

VIXX released the digital single ‘Gonna Be Alright,’ on January 3

VIXX members Ken, Leo & Hyuk released their heart-touching digital single, ‘ Gonna Be Alright’ on January 3, at 6 p.m. KST.

Following their 2019 single, “Walking,” the South Korean group’s first release in four years is this song.

The song “Gonna Be Alright,” which marks the group’s tenth anniversary of its debut, has a visualizer in the MV up top. Amid a chilly winter, the reassuring lyrics give listeners courage and optimism.

The vibrant and upbeat piano pop ballad “Gonna Be Alright” is about tenacity and hope. Sticking together is the key to overcoming adversity, and VIXX promises listeners this in the song’s lyrics.

In the music video, a lone individual may be seen jogging around various locations in animated images. As the music develops as the figure travels by sunsets, fireworks, parks, and more, the words appear on the screen.

The figure joyfully soars into the sky as the video finishes, surrounded by pyrotechnics. In addition to the animated video, Hyuk, Ken, and Leo performed the song live in a unique clip published by VIXX. On January 7th, the three members will also host a special fan concert called [ING: As Always].

Source: Twitter

Initially a sextet, VIXX now has five members: N, Hyuk, Leo, Ken, and Ravi. In 2020, the vocalist Hongbin left the group. Some members have been completing their required military service during the past five years, while others have worked on solo projects. Rapper Ravi and vocalist Leo both just released solo albums in 2022. 2018 saw the release of VIXX’s third studio album, Eau De VIXX, which served as the group’s most recent album.

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