Vegito vs. Gogeta fusion fight thrilled fans in Dead Battle

Vegito vs. Gogeta fusion fight thrilled fans in Dead Battle

Vegito Vs. Gogeta fusion fights thrilled fans in the last episode of Ben Singer’s web series Dead Battle Season 9.

The DEATH BATTLE! YouTube channel, and On Rooster Teeth’s website, the popular online series Death Battle (stylized as DEATH BATTLE!) is hosted. Ben Singer (formerly known as ScrewAttack) is the series creator.

The show simulates combat to the death between two or more fictitious characters from various media, including movies, comic books, manga, television shows, books, video games, ads, P.S.A.s, and even mythology. The characters’ respective abilities, advantages, and disadvantages are examined to determine winners.

There are currently 171 episodes in the show, divided into seasons.

There were 16 episodes in Season 9, plus a bonus episode. It began on March 28th, 2022, and ended on December 21st, 2022.

Dead Battle Season 9 Finale, Vegito Vs. Gogeta

Death Battle fans were interested to see what the season finale would be after many months of matches. They were surprised to learn that it was one of the rare in-universe fights in the show’s history. They often avoid these clashes because the brands usually resolve the issue independently. But Gogeta vs. Vegito is the one match that has ultimately been decided after years of fan debate. Yes, the war of the fusions has begun, and only one will survive! Who will it be, though?

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Since both combatants have exactly three canon appearances combined, they must travel throughout the Dragon Ball expanded multiverse to resolve their conflict and obtain the information they require. Below is a video of the Gogeta vs. Vegito fight!

We also received the first two confirmed matches for Death Battle Season 10 to add to the fun of everything! These selections, which were determined by fan voting, will be the lone season 2 tease we receive. Check out our top Death Battle episodes ranking now that another season is over!

Death Battle’s fans on social media assumed Vegito to be the winner, Yet it is not confirmed.

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