Alice in Borderland Season 2

Alice in Borderland Season 2 – Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Other Details

Alice in Borderland Season 2 News: The first season of Alice in Borderland, a TV show based on the iconic manga series of the same name, launched what feels like a lifetime ago. It was a Japanese thriller that launched in late 2020 that introduced us to an alternative, barren Tokyo where a group of strangers were thrown against one another in a series of often-deadly games decided by intellect, muscle, and deceit.

Season one’s narrative twists, betrayals, and emotional losses made it a no-brainer for Netflix to order a second season after topping the Top 10 in over 40 countries and territories. However, there is no information on when it will be published, who will star in it, or what the narrative will be. To date, the following is all we know about Alice in Borderland Season 2:

Alice in Borderland Season 2 has been Renewed

Alice in Borderland Season 2

In December 2022, Alice in Borderland’s second season will be released.

When Is Season 2 is Coming Out?

According to IMDb, series stars Kento Yamazaki as Arisu and Tao Tsuchiya as Usagi, along with recurring characters Kuina, Rizuna and Shuntaro, have all agreed to reprise their roles. As a “gamemaster” introduced late in the first season, Riisa Naka’s Mira Kano will be another fascinating figure to watch in Season 2.

How many episodes of Alice in Borderland Season 2 airing?

According to some fans, the first season covered the first 31 manga chapters, and there are still 33 more to be covered in this season. This suggests that the Alice in Borderland Season 2 will be around the same duration as the first. However, considering the enormous popularity of the previous season, Netflix has insisted on a protracted series of episodes for Alice in Borderland Season 2.

Alice in Borderland Season 1 Review

This is a story about Arisu, a young man obsessed with video games, who is thrust into a deadly competition in a strangely desolate Tokyo neighbourhood.

Playing card suits and numbers indicate the level of difficulty and urgency of each hurdle that Arisu and his two friends must overcome in a sequence of assignments led by an unseen power. Due to the deaths of several of his companions, Arisu is introduced to Usagi, a young woman who helps him solve the riddle of the collection of all playing cards.

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As they make their way through a massive hotel full of other players, they realise that all except the Ten of Hearts have been gathered. When the Ten of Hearts ultimate challenge is completed, Arisu and Usagi are the only ones left alive after many of the other players in the hotel are slaughtered in the process of completing it.

They are then introduced to a lady named Mira, who informs them that the games have only just began and that the face cards are currently in play. have only just begun.

A Predicted Storyline for Alice in Borderland Season 2

Thanks to the last episode of Season 1, which substantially expanded the show’s scope, anything is conceivable. According to the information provided in this article, Arisu and Usagi will continue their hunt for the remaining cards, which will very definitely lead to a showdown with the Queen of Hearts, who was presented in season 1 late. Director Shinsuke Sato teased, “I will depict a mysterious universe that no one has ever seen before, as well as a surprising development with uncompromising graphics,” on what we may anticipate this season. Something seems off about this.

Updates on the Trailer:

Only a brief teaser trailer has been released, and it offers very little insight into the film’s narrative. As a modest early Christmas gift for the fans, the teaser will be published on Christmas Eve 2020, confirming that there would be a second season of the show. Here is a link to a video:

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