The Voice Season 22: Live Finale Part 1 on Monday night Details.

The Voice Season 22: Live Finale Part 1 on Monday night Details.

The Voice, a famous American musical reality show, comes with Finale Part 1 on Monday, when the top five contestants will perform an up-tempo song and a ballad in front of Coaches John Legend, Camila Cabello, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani. The winner of Season 22 will be determined by who receives the most votes across the nation.

Find out what transpired during “The Voice “‘s” Season 22, Episode 24″ on Monday, December 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT by reading our minute-by-minute summary below.

Who Are The Top 5 Finalists of The Voice

1. Bodie from Team Blake

A four-chair turn-blind audition featured candidate Bodie, with all four coaches vying for the chance to sign the contender to their squad. “You Found Me” by The Fray served as his audition song.

2. Morgan Miles from Team Camila

Myles has continued to be a serious competitor, weekly wowing the coaches and home audience. She sang “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen at her blind audition. All four coaches gave her four-chair rotations.

Morgan Myles on Monday night. Source: Twitter

3. Team Legend- Omar Jose Cardona

Cardona’s coach described him as the “favored to win.” His initial audition track was “Separate Ways” by Journey, which earned him four-chair spins from each coach.

The 33-year-old vocalist, who takes inspiration from pop and classic rock n’ roll, has established a reputation on the show as the rock n’ roll of the future.

4. Bryce Leatherwood from Team Blake

“Goodbye Time,” a classic by Conway Twitty, served as Leatherwood’s audition song. After his debut performance, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and country music coach Blake Shelton fought to sign him to their respective teams.

The 22-year-old was a member of Team Usher and a former cast member from season 6 of the program. Later, he was disqualified from the contest.

5. Team Blake- Brayden Lape

The competition’s youngest participant pleased the judges during his blind audition. The native of Michigan is only fifteen.

Lape began his blind audition by singing the Niall Horan song “This Town.” Except for Shelton, none of the coaches pressed their button. Stefani acknowledged her mistake in not turning towards Lape, though.

How to Vote for Your Favorite Singer & When Will We Get The Winner?

Who will win will be revealed during Tuesday night’s program. Fans can cast their ballots on the official Voice app or at NBC says a fan may vote for a particular artist ten times per email address. The voting period runs from Monday, 8 p.m. ET, until Tuesday, 7 a.m. ET the following day.

Source: Twitter

A glimpse of Monday Night’s Performances of The Voice

Morgan Myles

Because of the vocal resemblance to Bonnie Tyler’s and the song’s size, which is ideal for finale night, Morgan Myles chose “Total Eclipse of the Heart” for her opening performance of the evening. In Gwen’s opinion, the song suited her voice beautifully and was the ideal option for describing who she is as an artist. Camila said that the performance made her want to cry, and John emphasized how much he likes “the crackle” in Morgan’s voice.

Morgan sang “Girl Crush” as a tribute to her parents in a letter she penned thanking them for their unending support. Gwen thought it was a terrific song choice and loves how her voice fits the country genre. She emphasized the poignant moments and the powerful vocal performances, which John reflected in his admiration of her range. John even declared Morgan to be the best country singer he had ever seen since being on the show. She has always identified as a country performer. But Camila emphasized that she has broken out of that box due to her authenticity.

Bryden Lape

In “Humble and Kind,” Brayden Lape paid tribute to his Michigan community and told everyone there how fortunate he is to have grown up there. Gwen informed Brayden that she had always thought he possessed a unique trait. Brayden followed his heart and was sincere and talented throughout the competition. Thus Blake refuted that he was surprised to see him at the finale.

The song “Wild as Her,” written and performed by two “Voice” alumni, was Brayden’s second performance. According to Blake, Brayden has developed more than any other contestant on the show, qualifying him for a top-five ranking. John referred to Brayden’s experience on the program as “amazing” and remarked that it marks the beginning of his singing career. Blake appreciated how the finale’s structure compelled him to sing an upbeat song to break out of his ballad comfort zone.

Bryce Leatherwood

Bryce Leatherwood gave the opening performance of the evening, “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” as a tribute to Georgia, the state he calls home and is originally from. If he doesn’t win the competition, he has undoubtedly just secured himself a career, according to Gwen, who praised his performance as being “so beautiful and so wonderful.” Because he exposed the music to a whole new generation of country music listeners, Blake was proud of him for performing that song.

Bryce chose “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” as his competition song, which Blake thought was the ideal opportunity for him to add another angle to his traditional country sound.


“Late Night Talking” by Bodie served as the night’s opening uptempo selection. Blake enjoyed the choice since it is a fun, modern tune that differs from what Bodie has performed in previous weeks. Gwen called out the large note he held tonight as a surprise that reminds them of how much he is capable of, and Camila respects Bodie’s approach towards his music with a producer’s mentality.

According to John, Bodie has a compelling vision for who he wants to be as an artist. Blake praised him as a “freaking fantastic vocalist” and remarked that he is a natural at whatever he does.

Omar Jose Cardona

Omar Jose Cardona sang the song “The Way You Make Me Feel” as his dedication track in honor of his family, who he said have supported him throughout his goals, and a sibling who first introduced him to musical theatre. John praised Omar’s vocals for remaining flawless despite all the dancing he performed on stage tonight. At the same time, Camila said it was entertaining to watch him “grow” into a different performing style.

“Somebody to Love,” which Omar performed as the last performance, was regarded as a “last check in the box” by both John and Carson. Omar claimed that because his fans have been clamoring for him to sing Freddie Mercury, this seemed like the ideal time to do so. Omar was thanked for being alive by Camila, who also said that she was motivated by him and that he deserved success.

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