Richard Madeley was disgracefully misconducted with Mick Lynch.

Richard Madeley was disgracefully misconducted with Mick Lynch.

Richard Madeley, the GMB host,  made himself ridiculous to the viewers of Good Morning Britain for his behavior during a conversation with union president Mick Lynch.

Several planned rail strikes occurred when Lynch, the general secretary of RMT (the National Union of Maritime, Rail, and Transport Workers), appeared on the ITV morning show.

Richard Madeley GMB lost his cool and started yelling at Mick Lynch about strikes: “I won’t let you get away with nonsense.” The irony then forbids Mick from responding to the inquiry. Richard is concerned about companies closing. Over the past 12 years, businesses have been destroyed.

Richard said on the railway workers’ strikes,” To do it at Xmas seems an act of unkindness…It’s destroying quite a few businesses…It seems almost sadistic….troops in the First World War stopped shooting at each other; Xmas is a time to set disputes aside.”

The point about strike action is that it demonstrates how crucial workers are to the economy, despite Richard Madeley’s customary foolishness. If the RMT Union decides to strike in December, it will only be successful because all the citizens depend on them.

The RMT union’s Mick Lynch notes that Christmas officially starts on December 24.

Then Richard Madeley launches into a tirade about how it isn’t the case before conceding Mick was right by asking, “Why are you acting in the weeks leading up to Xmas?”

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Richard Madeley accuses Mick Lynch of unfairly spoiling Christmas to gain sympathy.

It is disgusting to have someone like Richard Madeley hector Mick Lynch and ask questions.

Accusing employees of destroying Christmas while avoiding blaming management for prioritizing profit over people and allowing the government to walk away from negotiations without consequence.

People are highly condemning Madeley on various social media.

@hewitson10 (Kerry) twisted: “Richard Madeley showing us as he really doesn’t understand the mood of the nation as always Mick Lych let’s him ramble on looking an absolute fool Seriously.

GMB, you guys are so out of touch having this dinosaur on show.

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