Bella and Sheggz celebrated their delightful first Christmas together

Bella and Sheggz celebrated their delightful first Christmas together

Bella and Sheggz, who are BBNaija Level Up lovers, published pictures of themselves celebrating their first Christmas together in identical pajamas, which elicited conflicting responses on social media.

The lovely couple, whose love has endured since their time in the Big Brother house, shared photos of their first Christmas on Instagram.

Bella and Sheggz, Source: Twitter

They exchanged affectionate photos showing Bella lying on a couch with Sheggz’s chest resting on hers.

To commemorate their first Christmas together, the two ex-housemates who began dating while living together in the Big Brother Naija house this year shared affectionate images of themselves wearing black and marching green attire.

Source: Instagram

The Love Story between Bella and Sheggz

Bella, a former housemate on Big Brother Naija’s “Level Out” season, has opened up about her romance with Sheggz.

As was previously mentioned, the couple was dating on the reality TV show before Sheggz introduced some behavior that people found poisonous and manipulative.

Before he was ultimately booted off the program, Bella continued to be close to him despite this.

However, Bella’s reaction to her relationship during her media appearance on Wednesday left several admirers in disbelief.

She claims she cannot say whether she will stay in touch with Sheggz after the show.

Bella justified her claim, stating that she is concentrating her attention and effort on establishing her brand.

She added that she does not regret her actions and that everything that happened at the Biggie House had a purpose.

The reality TV star continued by saying that she most likely would have been more focused if she hadn’t been dating Sheggz.

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