Fans demand Captain Britain be cast with Henry Cavill.

Fans demand Captain Britain be cast with Henry Cavill.

Captain Britain, by Marvel, should be cast with Henry Cavil, according to the fans, after his announcement of not reprising his role in DC’s Superman.

The superheroes in Marvel Comics’ comic books go by the name Captain Britain, and it’s frequently used in conjunction with the sword Excalibur. Brian Braddock first used the term in Captain Britain Weekly #1 by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe. Brian’s twin sister Betsy Braddock now owns the name.

As James Gunn confirmed that he’s developing a new Superman movie without Cavill, the Henry Cavill is Superman, isn’t Superman, is Superman narrative is finally finished (again). Although there is unhappiness among the fans, many have moved quickly to try to find him a new home in the other superhero titan—the MCU, not Valiant’s Bloodshot, starring Vin Diesel.

Many of these are fan-casts that have surfaced for years, particularly in light of the unsolved question of whether or not he is Superman. One of them, Captain Britain, a.k.a. Brian Braddock, who he suggested would be “loads of fun” to play last year, has stayed. The rights to appear in the MCU have always been a little hazy given that his sister is Psylocke, an X-Men who appeared in Fox’s movies. There may be a place for another Captain now. They are united under a flag that isn’t hateful and green.

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Will MCU really gonna place Henry Cavil as Captain Britain?

One of the few DC Films actors, Levi played Fandral in Thor: The Dark World, making Levi one of the few DC Films actors with a background in the MCU. Fans have taken his remark as a challenge to Cavill to quit the ship.

Cavill’s days as Superman are over began trending shortly after the news broke. The actor has already linked to this character. There have even been speculations that he was being considered for the part. These rumors were proven false.

Captain Britain has a lengthy history in the Marvel comics, so it needs to be clarified that Marvel will introduce him to the MCU in the future. Cavill already talked about it previously.

Fans can only hope that Cavill will soon be cast in a superhero role, whether with Marvel Studios/Disney or back at DC.

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