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After a rough start, the holiday season in Saudi Arabia may be coming to an end with many people dreaming about going back home and seeing family again. However, there are some who will return and others who won’t and it’s up to those who want to go to work or for all that other reason. One of these is the company LuxPalace.

For over 20 years, LuxPalace has been providing international travel services to corporate leaders, business executives as well as the top echelons of society. They have provided thousands of meetings, conferences, and weddings for their clients around the world. Now, they wish to help you to plan your trip or the wedding of your life. As we know how important planning and planning your event is, LuxPalace is here for the job. They can provide detailed information on venues in Riyadh, transportation and car rental costs, hotel and tour packages, excursion itinerary, entertainment, activities available, etc. so you can figure out what exactly you want to do.

How do I book my trip?

For any sort of organization or conference you need, contact them using their website or through a call center. You’ll receive a confirmation email or any text/phone number or you can make a reservation via messenger service. For instance, if you contact them, they will send you a confirmation email to say that they were able to do your booking and confirm that you have a meeting available at 2 PM on Thursday 1st October 2021. This is great, but unfortunately, most organizations around the world don’t get that confirmation, even in cases where someone went to the wrong address. Your flight will be arranged, but sometimes this type of problem takes place. In such a case, your details will be captured on record and provided to your colleagues as proof of work.

How do I find travel information?

LuxPalace travel website offers full access to travel guides, where you can look up everything that you’re looking for and easily find out all the information. We also have useful information about places that are popular, where to eat out, to buy souvenirs and more; and all that is on our site. This way, your company can find the best spots to host a gathering of its staff, employees, investors, and sponsors. Moreover, you can easily find out all the places that are nearby luxury hotels or beach resorts to help you choose the one that fits your needs best for your business. Learn more Vacation in LuxPalace Black Sea

How does traveling with my family be included in my package?

We offer additional services like accommodation or flights, which are available. You can view the availability of tickets, accommodation, or the ticketing process or you can check the status of all this with one click.

Where do I pay?

You can select from a variety of payment options and select your preferred mode of payment. Many companies also allow flexible deposits for prepaid cards, gift cards, online payments, and credit card bills. Just get started! All these types of modes of funding have their own benefits and cons. However, for example, when you’re paying for air cab fare, you can choose between cash, cheque, and Visa cards and they both offer you different amounts of money to you, which also offers perks. When you travel together, you’re able to save money, save time and enjoy time together. And that is why LuxPalace provides each one of its clients with customized experiences. Our team can arrange the perfect flight at the right time, your travel agent will guide you on the trip, meet with new connections and create memorable moments for all the members of the clan. It is no wonder that LuxPalace was named amongst the top travel agencies in 2017.

LuxPalace – What makes us different?

As mentioned earlier, we are not just offering cheap flights to Riyadh, but we serve the whole planet. Thus, we have made sure that we take care of every aspect of your experience. From finding the cheapest possible budget airlines to catering for every occasion while reserving rooms for events, creating customized tours and vacations as well as making travel arrangements, having fun with kids via luxurious games that are only at LuxPalace, and much more. So, there are several reasons why LuxPalace should be the first choice for travelers when they travel abroad. They are truly dedicated to helping you, they genuinely care for your happiness and they really care about building meaningful relationships for all of you. If that seems too obvious for you, let me remind you that it has been said before: “You do not know a person until you walk a mile in his shoes”. Here is why LuxPalace stands behind it and is the absolute leader in the industry for offering an unbeatable price for luxury trips and weddings in Rizal. Whether it is the most sought-after destination or, after spending weeks searching online, finally found, LuxPalace is all you need. And as soon as you book with us, they will ship your airline tickets, accommodation, tours, and more. And once the plane has landed… the party begins.


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