Jenna Ortega reveals Wednesday S2 will include more horror and less romance

Jenna Ortega reveals Wednesday S2 will include more horror and less romance

On Wednesday, the Netflix series’ star Jenna Ortega stated that the writers had started discussing season two plot ideas. She hinted that the program’s horror would increase and that future episodes would allow Wednesday Addams to develop into a more distinct personality.

Since its introduction in November last year, the series has become an unexpected hit for Netflix, breaking audience records. According to Ortega, the writers’ room has just begun. She indicated that her desire for the upcoming season is for Wednesday to grow more autonomous and take on more responsibility.

Moreover, Jenna Ortega recently found herself in the centre of a controversy surrounding the show after she admitted to changing part of the dialogue for her characters without telling the authors. The character’s involvement in a love triangle and her praise of a prom dress were two lines with which the actor voiced issue.

According to Wednesday actress Jenna Ortega, the second season of the Netflix comedy has recently begun filming. The streaming service confirmed the second series of the breakout hit in January. When promoting both her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live and her newest movie, Scream VI, Jenna discussed what fans should anticipate from the forthcoming season.

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega
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The supernatural television series debuted in November 2022, has over 400 million viewers each week and is now the second-most watched English-language programme.

Almost 150 M households are streaming the Addams family spin-off series, which has amassed 1.02 billion total viewing hours in the three weeks since its premiere.

The plot of the television program Wednesday, which Miles Millar and Alfred Gough co-wrote, is centred on the antics of a pupil at the fictitious Nevermore Academy.

Jenna stated during her appearance on Jimmy Fallon starring in The Tonight Show, “I guess we want to elevate the horror component to the next level, get Wednesday away from the romantic position, and simply allow her to become a separate individual and tackle her crime.”

Although Wednesday’s second season has been announced, a release date has yet to get set.

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