Lia from ITZY takes her first solo photoshoot with "ELLE" magazine

Lia from ITZY takes her first solo photoshoot with “ELLE” magazine

Lia, a member of ITZY, the 5-membered girls’ group from South Korea, just took part in her first solo photo shoot for ELLE, a fashion magazine.

Lia accentuates the perfection of each cut in this photograph by displaying her distinct youthful energy and youthful face in the bright natural light.

During the photo session, Lia got asked to participate in an interview where she discussed ITZY’s debut world tour.

Almost seven months after the tour began, Lia reflected on the first few days: “Initially, it was tough to go around the large music venue. I did, however, genuinely love chatting with people everywhere. I also devised a strategy for sharing my endurance.”

“Even when I was not famished, I assiduously consumed wonderful cuisine while touring, telling myself, “I should consume this,” the singer continued.

Recently Kim Taehyung, well-known as V, had a photo shoot with ELLE Korea. V wore 2023’s CELINE Spring Menswear for the picture shoot for the globally acclaimed fashion magazine. He wore a gorgeous nose ring for the photo shoot in a unique fashion.

V created sensual positions for the camera in the latest photos posted by Elle magazine. He appears side-glancing in the first image while carrying the nose ornament with the finest grace.

BTS' Taehyung aka V for ELLE Korea
Source: Twitter

ITZY(Lia, Yuna, Yeji, Chaeryeong, & Ryujin) is the newest brand ambassador for Mobile Legends

Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna from ITZY.
Source: Twitter

The newest brand ambassador for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the K-pop group ITZY. From March 22, 2023, through May 15, 2023, the K-pop group will serve as the face of the ALLSTAR events.

ITZY will represent the ALLSTAR event

The three-month-long promotion includes the following:

  • New time-limited skins.
  • A new map.
  • Several events where players may win cost-free skins and in-game effects.

Although ITZY’s participation in the event has yet to be formally announced, prior 515 celebrations have included creating unique music so that the group may be writing music specifically for the occasion.

ITZY debuted on February 12, 2019, with the album “It’z Different” under the JYP Entertainment banner.

The globally acclaimed group only began four years ago, yet they’ve already had success with songs like  “Wannabe,” “Dalla Dalla,” and “Not Shy.”

ITZY is the first Korean girl group to accomplish a “Rookie Grand Slam,” winning, along with achieving the Gaon Chart Music Awards (9th) in the   New Artist of the Year category, Rookie of the Year at the Golden Disc Awards(34th), and Melon Music Awards in 2029. 

The group won the  Mnet Asian Music Awards as Best New Female Artist in 2019 and the New Artist Award at the Seoul Music Awards (29th).

The new Harmonia map will go online in classic and ranked play on March 22, marking the beginning of the ALLSTAR event.

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