Seungri reportedly took a romantic getaway to Bangkok with Yoo Hye Won

Seungri reportedly took a romantic getaway to Bangkok with Yoo Hye Won

Seungri, 32, the former Big Bang member, and his suspected girlfriend, 28-year-old model Yoo Hye Won, was reportedly spotted on holiday in Bangkok, Thailand, according to a ‘Dispatch’ news report on March 22, KST.

According to Dispatch, the two were reportedly seen holding hands in the foyer of an opulent Bangkok hotel, casually exhibiting their fondness for one another but remaining vigilant to avoid running into other Korean travelers.

When a Chinese media site published a picture of a man and a woman who were considered Seungri and Yoo Hye Won cuddling in the street, dating rumors about Seungri and Yoo Hye Won first started to circulate.

Later, in September 2020, when Seungri enlisted as an active duty soldier to fulfill his required military service, romance speculations between the two resurfaced. At the time, Yoo Hye Won got suspected by many internet users as the woman who had accompanied Seungri in his car while holding a puppy on her lap.

According to ‘Dispatch,’ the former Big Bang member and Yoo Hye Won had maintained their relationship despite Seungri’s time in jail when the media outlet got in touch with Yoo Hye Won’s side to ask if she and Seungri had visited Bangkok at the beginning of March.

Seungri and Yoo Hye Won
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Seungri received a year and six months in prison in May 2022 after being found guilty of offenses including soliciting prostitution services, habitual unlawful gambling, illegally filming sexual activity,  embezzlement, and more.

Singer-songwriter Jung Joon Young admitted to filming and publishing his sex sessions without his lovers’ knowledge, joining several other Korean pop artists implicated in the scandal.

In May of last year, the court upheld the conviction of the 33-year-old Korean star for one year and six months in prison after a legal battle that reached the Supreme Court. During the trial, Seungri, a soldier then, was detained in the military jail in Icheon.

The former singer was soon freed from prison in February 2023 because he had already completed more than half his term.

Source: Twitter

The debate has faded away over the years. Seungri, who stirred up social unrest and even disgraced the group, was expelled from the entertainment business. Given the scandal’s significance, his return to the entertainment industry would be difficult.

The former Big Bang member,  freed from prison earlier this year in February, is doing well, according to an exclusive SPOTV News report on March 22, KST.

Nonetheless, like many problematic superstars, Seungri’s future actions and potential comeback are being closely watched.

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