Kelly Clarkson claims that her divorce ruined her life

Kelly Clarkson claims that her divorce ruined her life

Kelly Clarkson, an American singer, songwriter, television personality, and author discussed her divorce from Brandon Blackstock on Monday’s “Angie Martinez IRL” podcast.

The singer explained how her heartbreak damaged her, enabled her to develop a more open relationship with her kids, and significantly influenced the content of her new album. Also, Kelly was honest about her potential romantic future.

On ” IRL Podcast” by Angie Martinez on March 13, Monday, Clarkson was a guest and discussed how her children, River, 8, and Remi, 6, have difficulty adjusting to life without their father, Brandon Blackstock, at home.

Every night as we cuddle up, I genuinely ask my children, “Are you happy?” What would make you happier if you weren’t?” Clarkson started.

“Sometimes they’ll say, particularly about the last two years, a lot of it, and it kills me, and I want them to be honest, so I never say, “Oh God, don’t tell me that,”—but a lot of the time it would be like, “You know, I’m just unfortunate. I wish my parents lived together. They are also completely open about it. And I’m cultivating that kind of person.”

Clarkson is familiar with the feelings her children are experiencing because she lived in a split household as a child.

Kelly Clarkson with her kids
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Clarkson discussed her decision to file for divorce from Blackstock in 2020 during her participation on the show.

She claimed that after “years” of deliberation, reading an extract from Glennon Doyle’s book “Untamed” several years prior helped her conclude. The sentence in which the author questioned whether she would want her daughter to be in a union similar to hers stood out to Clarkson.

Following almost seven years of marriage and a contentious parting, Blackstock and Clarkson finally divorced in March 2022.

She acknowledged that her first love had been Blackstock. On her romantic future, Clarkson said that while she would “adore becoming romantically involved,”  she will “never” get married again.

Kelly Clarkson with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock
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In June 2020, Kelly and Brandon separated after seven years of marriage. Irreconcilable differences were listed as the basis for their breakup by The Voice star, who filed for divorce at the time.

“We’re a great deal more active than most couples,” according to Kelly Clarkson on her relationship with Brandon Blackstock in bed.

The celebrity has previously spoken out about her desire to end her marriage. Kelly clarified that she is not “absolutely opposed to marriage,” only considering her children.

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