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Sofia Boutella Dating: Sofia Boutella is an Algerian actor, dancer & model. Her mother has a career in architecture, and her father has a musical background in jazz. Her brother, Seif, works as a visual effects artist in the entertainment industry. Boutella began her training in classical dance when she was just five years old, with the support and encouragement of her family. She moved to France with her family when she was ten, fleeing Algeria amid the Algerian civil war. Algeria was at the time in the middle of the conflict. Hip hop and street dance were among Sofia’s early artistic endeavors, and she was a member of an organization known as the Vagabond Crew.

In addition to that, she was a member of a band called Chienne de Vie and the Aphrodites. Since 17 years old, she has been working with the choreographer Blanca Li on her dance routines. She has danced in several movies and television shows, as well as in concert tours and commercials. Her big break as a dancer came in 2007 when she was chosen to perform the choreography for Jamie King’s “Keep Up” campaign for Nike Women’s. This significantly boosted her career and led to more work with artists like Madonna and Rihanna, such as when Madonna was on her Confessions Tour.



She made her debut in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service, which launched her acting career and established her as a major Hollywood star. After that, in the following year’s installment of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Beyond (released in 2016), she played the alien warrior Jaylah. After starring as a French secret agent in the film Atomic Blonde, directed by David Leitch, and as the titular character in The Mummy, directed by Stephen Sommers, Boutella’s profile began to rise, and she started to appear in more prominent roles.

That same year, she played in the psychological horror film Climax, which Gaspar Noé directed. She co-starred with Michael Shannon and Michael B. Jordan in the film Fahrenheit 451, a drama by HBO, and she played the role of a contract killer in the action crime thriller Hotel Artemis. Both of these roles were notable for their dramatic content. In 2019, she had a starring role in the fifth episode of the first season of the show Modern Love on Amazon Prime. Boutella has been given a role in the upcoming Netflix film Rebel Moon, a science fiction adventure film directed by Zack Snyder.


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Sofia Boutella Dating / Personal Life

In 2008, Sofia was romantically involved with the French singer and songwriter Matthieu Tota (also known as M. Pokora). In 2014, it was speculated that Sofia was romantically involved with the Irish actor Robert Sheehan. 2016, there were rumors that Sofia Boutella was dating Chris Pine, who had previously appeared alongside her in Star Trek Beyond. In 2019, Sofia was in a relationship with Keean Johnson. After a brief separation, the couple got back together.


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Net Worth Of Sofia Boutella 

Sofia Boutella has a net worth of $4 million.


FAQ’s About Sofia Boutella Dating 

Q: Is Sofia Boutella related to Shirine Boutella?

A: Shirine s a distant cousin of Sofia Boutella.

Q: What is Sofia’s ethnicity? 

A: Sofia is Algerian by birth. She was raised in France.

Q: What exactly did Sofia’s character do in the Kingsman movie? 

A: Sofia portrayed the role of an amputee with the ability to defeat foes by using prosthetic blades in place of her legs. She is the antagonist’s, right-hand woman.

Q: Is Sofia a dancer? 

A: When Sofia was five years old, she began her training in classical dance education. She has appeared in music videos & been on tours with Madonna & Michael Jackson.



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