Keeley Jones is the absolute cornerstone of the sports-comedy "Ted Lasso"

Keeley Jones is the absolute cornerstone of the sports-comedy “Ted Lasso”

It’s time to honor Keeley Jones, the show’s proper foundation, as Ted Lasso returns for its third and possibly final season this week.

Ted Lasso is a sports parody television series of the US. On August 14, 2020, three episodes of the first season, which had ten episodes, debuted on Apple TV+. After that, new episodes came every week. On July 23, 2021, a second season with 12 episodes debuted. The show received a third season renewal in October 2020 and debuted on March 15, 2023.

Keeley Jones transforms from a potentially one-note character into a complicated, independent woman who always leads to improvements in those around her, making her stand out in a series known for its wholesomeness and endearing characters.

Keeley Jones
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Ted Lasso, a fictional English football team led by former American football coach Ted Lasso, is the subject of the popular comedy Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. In 2013, Jason Sudeikis created the character for a series of promotional videos for England’s Premier League coverage by NBC.

Given Ted’s complete lack of experience and knowledge of even the most basic game rules, the team’s owner Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), hires him to sabotage the team to avenge her unfaithful ex-husband (the team’s previous owner).

After being relegated in Season 1, AFC Richmond managed to claw their way back into the Premier League in the Season 2 finale, with their goal for the next season being to take home the FA Cup.

Ted Lasso, one of the most watched programs on Apple TV+, has won numerous accolades during its brief tenure. Each season got twenty Emmy nominations, and the show twice won the Outstanding Comedy Series prize.   Waddingham,  Sudeikis, and Brett Goldstein also received acting nominations, and the show received acting wins.

The Character of Keeley Jones Has Shifted Throughout the Show

In Season 1, Keeley gets featured as the shallow girlfriend of Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster), the star player and resident douchebag of AFC Richmond. Rebecca uses Keeley to create a story in the newspapers by having photos of her and Ted taken together. After apologizing, Rebecca and Keeley immediately move on and make an unexpected relationship. Keeley becomes a vital part of Rebecca’s life, who needs a companion while facing the aftermath of her divorce.

Rebecca Welton and Keeley Jones on Season 3 of Ted Lasso
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Rebecca’s character has a counterpoint in Keeley Jones. In contrast to Rebecca’s incredible professionalism, she is cheerful and animated, but their friendship brings out the best in one another.

When Rebecca admits she’s no longer happy with her position as an influencer, Keeley offers her the confidence boost she needs to overcome the psychological scars left by her ex-husband.

Rebecca urges Keeley to start a new business venture. Keeley has no absolute links to Richmond since she broke up with Jamie. Still, Ted,  Rebecca, and the other team members enjoy having her around so much that Rebecca finds her a position as the  PR manager of the team, which she rapidly excels at.

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