Jin has become the latest celebrity to join "Captain Korea" 

Jin has become the latest celebrity to join “Captain Korea” 

According to K-media, BTS member Jin has joined the list of celebrities known as “Captain Korea” who have commanded military recruits.

The information that Jin had won a talent competition after coaching the winning team became the leader of his training unit and been given the prestigious job of training assistant. Jin behaved admirably in his role as a Korean army soldier.

He took part in the challenging training and did really well. Everyone saw Jin, appearing as gorgeous as ever, lead the entire unit with his strong voice during the graduation ceremony.

Jin has become the "Captain Korea" 
Source: Twitter

Jin was then given a long-term duty while in the military. He got selected as the training assistant. Therefore Jin will now be in charge of the trainees that report to the camp. When recruits sign up, the initial face they encounter is an assistant instructor. One must possess the requisite traits to work as a training assistant, including

  • excellence in basic military training,
  • a loud voice,
  • a robust physical appearance,
  • the capacity for enormous responsibility,
  • and leadership abilities.

Even things like high school grades and attendance records get considered in the instructor screening process, according to the Recruitment of Training Center Assistant Criteria of the  Military Manpower Administration.

Various martial arts qualifications and education degrees are also considered (Jin is a  black belt achiever in taekwondo). Additionally, a physical evaluation includes exercises like push-ups and a 1.5 km run. They must then go through a “Personality & Aptitude interview” after that.

They can only move on to the final screening for the assistant teacher after being thoroughly screened regarding their motivations and capacity to handle emergency scenarios that can arise while on duty.

In addition, they must memorize the entire textbook cover to cover and pass written exams. Only after they complete and pass training demos in front of a panel of judges made up of instructors who teach each training subject do they eventually become entirely qualified as assistant instructors.

Fans claim they did not doubt that a diligent perfectionist like Jin would function admirably, even in the military.

Jin is serving Korean Army
Source: Twitter

Only some celebrities were allowed to work as assistant instructors. They are referred to as the “Captain Korea” line because of how highly esteemed this role is. Jin got included on the list of “Captain Korea” stars, according to a K-media piece, and these days, his name gets frequently used in news headlines. Even the Korean National Television News covered it.

“Jin will continue his service as an assistant instructor at the 5th Division Recruit Training Battalion after his training is over on the 18th. We investigated our curiosity regarding the current trendiest buzzwords in the entertainment industry.”

The Army claims that Jin submitted a straight application for the assistant trainee position and ultimately got chosen after receiving high marks at the ceremony, command adjustment evaluation, and interview.

On the other hand, Jin shared a photo of himself dressed in a military uniform and immediately addressed his predicament through the worldwide fan community.

He attracted a lot of attention with his well-angled posture, dignified demeanor as a Korean soldier, and a warm expression that was impossible to conceal, even with a mask in the released images.

The ‘Captain Korea’ stars who earlier charismatically led the trainees returned to the spotlight when Jin joined the “star assistant” line.

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