Jonathan Blow

Jonathan Blow Net Worth: He Spent All of the Money he Earned on Braid.


Jonathan is an American video game designer best known for his independent games BRAID (2008) & THE WITNESS (2016).


Jonathan Blow was born to a defense contractor and an ex-nun in Southern California in 1971. He has an elder sister. Jonathan  went to a school in Northern San Diego County. He was first introduced to computer programming in fifth sixth grade. While in high school he programmed games on a Commodore 64, these games were inspired by Indiana Jones and Pac-man. He majored in Computer science from University of Berkeley.

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During middle school, Blow developed passion for game programming. After he dropped out of University of Berkeley just short of a term, he worked as a software developer briefly, before starting his game company with a friend. After closing his first studio Blow did contractual work for game studios with larger budgets. Some of the games he worked on include ODDWORLD: MUNCH’S ODDYSEE, DUES EX: INVISIBLE WAR & THIEF: DEADLY SHADOWS.

In 2008, BRAID was released digitally to commercial success and critical acclaim. His next big game project THE WITNESS started shortly. Blow wanted THE WITNESS to be the next big thing they can make. They released the game in 2016 to commercial success & critical acclaim.

Jonathan Blow


Jonathan Blow is single. There is not much information available on his personal life. He seems to be a workaholic.


His net worth is estimated to be between $ 1 – 5 million. No information is available on his assets.

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