Jerma985 Net Worth: Bio, Height, Weight, and Age as of 2022


Jeremy Elbertson is an American Youtuber, live streamer and voice artist, known by his online name jerema985. He is famous for his borderline surreal engagement-based livestreams on twitch.


Jeremy was born on 22nd September 1985, he is of Irish & polish descent. He moved to Las Vegas, before that he was living in Boston. He graduated in Communications, and started working as a wedding videographer.

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Jeremy started his Youtube journey in 2011, his main content was focused on video game TEAM FORTRESS 2. Jeremy primarily streamed video games while interacting with viewers on chat. Jerma985 transitioned to Twitch streaming. He became known for his unconventional streams and green-screen performances.


In 2022, he signed a partnership deal with Evolved Talent Agency for his future large stream events. He has collaborated with other content creators and streamers from Vinesauce streaming Group. He has won THE STREAMERS AWARD for Best Streamed Event this year.


There is no info available on his personal life.


Jeremy’s net worth as of May 2022 is $61,000. There are no info on his lifestyle, assets.

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