Chris Martin paid Sweet Tribute to BTS's Jin on Saturday Night Live

Chris Martin paid Sweet Tribute to BTS’s Jin on Saturday Night Live

Chris Martin paid a touching tribute to BTS’s Jin by Coldplay on Saturday Night Live. It’s incredibly admirable how Martin of Coldplay treats Wootteo and Kim Seokjin (Jin).

BTS' Jin with Chris Martin from Coldplay
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Coldplay performed on Saturday Night Live. On February 4, Friday, the band played a set on the show which Pedro Pascal, the star of The Last of Us, hosted.

The last time Coldplay appeared on Saturday Night Live was in November 2019, when they performed the title track “Everyday Life” from their album with the same name and “Orphans.

Martin is a perfect illustration of a ride-or-die person. This man traveled to Korea specifically to work on music with and for the BTS boys, and he never tires of gushing about his love and appreciation for them. You can see he cares about them because he continuously includes them.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin was wearing a WOOTTEO badge on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (SNL).

Chris Martin is the most devoted individual, as evidenced by his never failing to mention Wootteo in his public appearances. That acts as a vow to support Seokjin till 2024.

Chris Martin once did a small happy dance and showered Seokjin with accolades after he hit the high note in the studio.

Moon Music, the follow-up to Music of the Spheres, will be the band’s next album, Chris Martin announced

Coldplay has hinted that the recording of their upcoming “Moon Music” album is almost complete.

In a recent interview, the group disclosed the album’s title and called it the “second  volume of Music Of The Spheres.”

NME hailed Coldplay’s 2021 release of “Music Of The Spheres” as “a cosmic beauty that may evoke immense wonder and passion.”

The band updated the album while talking to City News about bringing their world tour to Canada.

Chris Martin, the band’s frontman, said: “We’re going to finish up Moon Music, which is the second volume of ‘Music Of The Spheres,’ but that won’t be out for a little while.”

“We might begin playing some tracks at some time this year,” Martin concluded.

Chris Martin
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Before the band’s performance, Martin sat down with Kimmel to talk about their first appearance on the show. Kimmel reminded Martin, “Remember what I genuinely said that moment.” I stated that we wished to have a band on the program that we would be happy to have in 20 years.”

Martin congratulated him on his anniversary and thanked him for “eventually having us reunited.”

Before breaking into a performance of “Clocks,” the song they performed on the show 20 years prior, Martin joked about how they couldn’t perform because they didn’t have enough time to put one together.

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