Hailey Bieber loses 1M Insta followers for bashing Selena Gomez

Hailey Bieber loses 1M Insta followers for bashing Selena Gomez

Despite claims from fans that she has a history of treating Selena Gomez poorly, Hailey Bieber has remained silent about the Selena Gomez TikTok scandal. She has continued with her regular social media activity.

Nonetheless, the trending conversation has significantly impacted her social media following. PopFaction, a celebrity news fan account, noted that Bieber had lost over one million Instagram followers since the controversy began in late February.

Selena Gomez is on track to become the first woman to have 400 million followers on Instagram, while Hailey Bieber has lost over 800,000 followers, sliding below the 50 million mark.

When allegations that Hailey Bieber and Jenner had quietly tormented Gomez originally surfaced, which both Gomez and Jenner denied, the outlet posted a screenshot of Bieber’s account.

While Kylie Jenner lost over 500,000 followers, Selena Gomez has acquired over 10 million as her supporters increased.

How’s the bonding between Selena & Hailey Bieber?

The relationship between Gomez and Bieber is tumultuous; over the years, Bieber has shown Her love on social media while publishing information interpreted as shade towards Gomez.

Bieber and her husband, Justin, who is also Gomez’s ex, have never requested their supporters to stop abusing Her, even though Gomez has spoken out frequently against the abuse she has received from Hailey Bieber’s fans. Gomez and Bieber have been open about how those vile remarks hurt their mental health.

Bieber acknowledged having suicidal thoughts in a September interview with Call Her Daddy. According to her, the most challenging times were “when things become very bleak, and you start getting feelings of it not being worthwhile anymore or not choosing to live here anymore, which I have had previously,” she said.

In an interview with Vanity Fair published last month, Gomez discussed how the hostility she experienced from Justin Bieber’s other girlfriends and Hailey Bieber’s followers, who pitted her against them, caused her to stop using most social media sites.

Gomez and Bieber appear to get along well despite the rumored conflict. In October, at the Academy Museum Gala, the two women even went so far as to embrace one another, letting everyone know that everything was fine between them.

Selena and Hailey were “both at ease with one another at the Academy Museum Gala,” a source claimed. They both moved on and are content with their current circumstances. They wished to demonstrate to the public that they had no animosity or hostility.

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber
Source: Twitter

Fans began to question Kylie Jenner’s sexuality after Selena Gomez made a comment

Selena Gomez’s recent comment on a video has viewers questioning Jenner, the founder of a beauty company & a mother of two kids, about her sexual orientation.

A TikToker criticized Kylie’s behavior after what appeared to be a fight with Selena. It urged her to “Get out of the closet” in the video.

As she wrapped up her video, the vlogger said, “Just emerge from the closet. We understand. You’re having difficulties.” When Selena remarked, “I love you,” in the video, the Kardashian family’s fans were concerned that she was making a sexual slur towards Kylie Jenner.

The fans’ observations of the connection between Kylie and her best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, provide evidence in support of the claim, even though the comment can occasionally mislead observers. That was initially regarded as typical best friend behavior, but it has taken off with this remark.

The audience uses the lip-lock photo of Kylie Jenner and her closest friend Stassie Karanikalaou that Stassie uploaded on Valentine’s Day to support the assertion. she is implying that Jenner’s alleged best friend could be her covert lover.

By assuming that Kylie Jenner, who has always been vocal about her right to privacy and publicly displays her life, may have forgotten to disclose her sexual preference even if she hasn’t said anything about it.

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