Are Harry and Francesca still together

Are Harry and Francesca still together? Let’s find out!

Francesca Farago seemed to confirm that she’s back with her Too Hot To Handle co-star Harry Jowsey a year after they both appeared on the Netflix show, but are Harry and Francesca still together? Too Hot To Handle brings together a group of beautiful single people looking for love.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey were the most memorable stars of the show’s first season when it came out in 2020. After their co-stars lost thousands of dollars because they broke Lana’s rule that they couldn’t touch each other sexually, they won the money back and added it to the prize fund.

Wait… Did Love Is Blind’s Damian Powers date Too Hot To Handle’s, Francesca Farago? Francesca and Harry left the island together, but are they still together? Why did they break up?

Are Harry and Francesca still together?

After giving fans hope that they were back together last year, it looks like Harry and Francesca aren’t together. Harry posted their last photo together in May 2021.

But in December, Harry posted a lot of TikToks of himself and what looked like a new girlfriend after they went on vacation to Dubai right after Christmas.

Are Harry and Francesca still together

Francesca has posted a few TikToks about getting back with an ex, including one about taking them back “for a third time.” She also posted a mysterious video suggesting she was in a relationship. Over the video, she wrote, “Me being happy and keeping my relationships private,” and then added, “The urge to comment on all their social media.”

But the last picture of them together was when Harry turned 24 in May 2021, just a few days before the contestants for the second season of THTH were announced, so it’s possible they were back together for a short time last year.

How long did Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago date?

They were too hot to handle. Harry and Francesca got together during the show, which was shot between March and April 2019. Francesca put together a touching video that she posted on Instagram soon after the show aired.

Are Harry and Francesca still together

In it, she talked about how Harry came to stay with her in Vancouver two weeks after the show ended. She then went to Queensland, Australia, to see Harry, born there. Shortly after, she posted pictures of the trip on her Instagram page. But there was nothing on social media about either of them for months after they broke up, which they both confirmed later.

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