is tom selleck gay

Is Tom Selleck gay: An In-Depth Analysis of the Reality

For many years, tabloid allegations about Tom Selleck’s sexual orientation have circulated. Is Tom Selleck gay? Tom Selleck was unquestionably the country’s sexiest man in the 1980s. The actor has long been the subject of speculations regarding his sexual orientation, despite the machismo (and mustache!) that cemented his image as a prominent sex symbol.

In order to put an end to the frequent rumors that Selleck is gay, he even filed a $20 million lawsuit against a tabloid. Discover why the infamous piece of the rumor that Tom Selleck is gay is untrue by looking at the peculiar circumstances that led to it.

The Globe vs. Tom Selleck

In the 1980s and 1990s, Selleck’s status as a dreamboat sparked commonplace rumors regarding his sexual orientation. But once a specific piece appeared in a July 1991 issue of The Globe, the actor drew a line in the sand.

A group of LGBT activists by the name of Outpost made an effort to “out” a number of well-known individuals earlier that year by putting up banners with their faces all over New York City. The campaign featured a picture of Selleck with the words “totally queer.”

is tom selleck gay

Photos of the posters were featured in The Globe, a 1.2 million copy supermarket tabloid, for a story titled “‘Gay’ Stars Stop Traffic.” Selleck filed a lawsuit against the newspaper for libel and invasion of privacy after they declined to issue a retraction.

The report was “designed… to directly harm [him] with respect to his family connections, reputation, character, profession, trade, or company, among other things,” according to a 16-page complaint. The actor also asked for an undefined sum of money in addition to $20 million for “harm to his peace of mind” and “shame, mortification, injured feelings, embarrassment, and humiliation.”

‘The Globe’ Was Compelled To Issue A Public Apology

By August 1991, he had reached a confidential settlement with the magazine outside of court. The Globe did, however, agree to publish an apology as part of the settlement, which stated, in part, that it “did not intend to convey or imply” that Tom Selleck is or has ever been homosexual.

is tom selleck gay

Selleck was careful to make it clear that his lawsuit was not an attack on gays. In a 1997 interview with The Morning Call, Selleck stated, “Look, saying you’re not gay is not anti-gay. “I had made a promise to my wife, who had just given birth to my daughter, at the time The Globe published the homosexual article. The age of my (step)son is 29. This tabloid made the implication that I was living two lives. I draw the line at hurting other people, which is what it was.

First Gay Character in a Movie for Tom

However, Selleck decided to play a gay man in the 1997 movie In & Out despite the suspicions. He portrayed a TV reporter in the film who was gay and was outed by a tabloid years previously. He anticipated that a magnificent male-on-male kissing scene would dispel claims that he was homophobic because the idea was well known.

In a 2015 issue of TV Guide, Selleck claimed, “People were alleging I was anti-gay because I had sued several tabloids for wrongly saying I was gay.” Playing the part put an end to both of those rumors.

We can vouch for Tom Selleck’s heterosexuality.

If you believe Tom Selleck, he is definitely heterosexual. The actor has been married twice. The actor was married to his first wife, the model Jacqueline Ray, from 1971 to 1982. Additionally, Kevin Shephard, a musician, was adopted by Selleck.

is tom selleck gay

After courting actress Mimi Rogers, who was also Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, Selleck wed English actress Jillie Mack in 1987. Their daughter Hannah was born a year later, thanks to Mack. The couple has remained happily married for thirty years, and Selleck doesn’t seem troubled by claims to the contrary any longer.

Regarding the claims that he is gay, he said to TV Guide, “I don’t know where it comes from. “I suppose some gay people want me to be gay. I don’t mind at all. When others want to fabricate stories about you, you have not achieved success.

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