Louis Tomlinson is illustrated in a new light in the trailer for "All of Those Voices"

Louis Tomlinson is illustrated in a new light in the trailer for “All of Those Voices”

On February 8, Thursday, Louis Tomlinson stated that “All of Those Voices,” the documentary, will get released on March 22, 2023.

As a member of  One Direction, the famous English boy band, Tomlinson achieved recognition. Before doing his 2010 audition for The X Factor, Tomlinson started his career as an actor in television dramas. After being booted as a solo artist, he was put into a group with four other competitors, creating One Direction.

But, after the band disbanded in 2016, its members took different paths. One of them, Louis Tomlinson, is now prepared to discuss his time spent in the group and his transition to working as a solo artist.

The subject of his newest documentary, All of Those Voices, is Tomlinson’s search for his unique artistic voice. The movie All of Those Voices will get shown in theatres across the globe on March 22.

A new trailer for the documentary just appeared ahead of its premiere, offering us a glimpse at Louis Tomlinson’s artistic career. The trailer opens with Tomlinson’s immediate response to One Direction’s 2016 dissolution.

Louis Tomlinson
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He talks about how the band’s split left him feeling lost in the trailer and how, as an artist, he had only ever considered his career in the framework of the group. After the breakup, he felt lost in his life.

Later on, though, Tomlinson rediscovered who he was as a person and musician again, and he started putting out songs on his own this time. The path of  Louis will get addressed in the new documentary.

See the trailer for All of Those Voices below.

Yet unlike other documentaries about famous people, this one will show the musician in their natural environment, behind the scenes.

The new movie will give us a previously private glimpse into Tomlinson and include a home video, his footage, and his dear ones. The film will also cover the recording of his solo album “Trust in the Future” in 2022.

The 31-year-old musician disclosed that he had documented the making of Faith in the Future on camera. This footage would later become a documentary that doubles as a love letter to his fans.

When Louis struggles with the demands of fame and the weight of his voice, the movie ” will reveal of Louis that fans are yet to witness.”

Louis’ stunning first album, Walls came first, followed by never-before-seen footage of his first solo world tour and the making of his second album, Faith In The Future, which peaked at number one in the U.K.; all are present in the documentary.  

On March 22, 2023, the movie will be distributed in theatres worldwide, thanks to Trafalgar Releasing.

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