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How To Votekick In Phantom Forces

How To Votekick In Phantom Forces: Phantom Forces is one of Roblox’s most well-liked shooters. Roblox is an online gaming platform and game developing tool founded by Roblox Corporation. Many Phantom Forces fans are interested in learning more about the Votekick feature in Phantom Forces, how to participate in Phantom Forces Kick voting, and what it is exactly. Users have the option to both design and play games. The gaming platform, established in 2004 by David Basiuchi and Eric Cassel and released in 2006, enables Lua-programmed games of all genres.

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Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces by StyLiS Studios is a first-person shooter game. Call of Robloxia 5 and other Litozinnamon games like Battlefield 4 has significantly influenced it.

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In the game, the two leading teams are called Phantoms and Ghosts. The Ghosts are orange, and the Phantoms are blue. Depending on the console, the Ghosts are from Egypt, and the Phantoms are from the United States. The game has new and exciting ways to move around.

The projectile muzzle velocity, external ballistics, and drop of the weapons are already set up in the game. Phantom Forces is different from other Roblox games. “Phantom Forces” is the most popular shooter game on Roblox because of how hard it is to play and how different it is from other games.

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Phantom Forces Votekick

To begin, we must have a firm grasp of the concept of votekick. Players can be removed from the game server in Phantom Forces using the built-in voting system, which requires a simple majority vote. It is used against hostile players or those who are aggressive.

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How To votekick?

To initiate a votekick user has to start by typing /votekick: game name: reason, where the user’s name and reason are stated for starting the votekick. It also works with only part of a username. Here are some examples of votekick commands. Once the vote has begun, players on the game server can start voting by pressing Y for yes, N for no, and J for no vote. The time for voting is 40 seconds.

A vote of “yes” adds one vote to the total, while a vote of “no” takes one vote away. A “no” vote can be taken into account. After the votes are counted, nothing else will be done. When the number required for upvotes is reached, the voting player will immediately be kicked off the server.

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